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  1. I love my little IIIc and 1940s vintage lenses, but sometimes having a camera with a built in meter is a big help. I've been toying with the idea of getting an M6 and using my LTM lenses on it with the adapter. I'm not sure they will meter though. Anybody know? Also, did any of the M4 have an internal meter? (Not that goofy add-on that goes in the hot shoe.)
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    No the M4 did not have a meter, and yes the LTM lenses on an LTM->M adapter will meter on an M6. I owned an M6 for a couple of years, and finally sold it and stuck with my M4 for another 10 years. The M6 just felt "bigger" in my hands and the framelines weren't as good to my eyes as those in the M4. Personally, the IIIc is a great camera...anything bigger may feel gigantic in your hands.
  3. Well, the early M6 was the same size as the M4. Later M6 TTL was higher.
    I always think of the IIIC as big, as it is bigger than the II and IIIA I like, although only very slightly heavier. So what meter are you using for your IIIC that isn't goofy?
  4. I've been using a hand held meter. I was just thinking an in-camera meter would be a lot faster for those fleeting shots. Another camera that has caught my eye is the Zeiss Ikon rangefinder. It's about the same price. Not sure that it has the panache' of a Leica though.
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  5. A Summitar is the primary lens on my M6 and use it on my M8 occasionally. It works and meters perfectly with the adapter with great results. Here's an example with the M6 and Summitar on TMX:
  6. You should be able to use the LTM lenses in your arsenal with the M6 you'd like to buy, because they will probably meter without a hitch. Only if the rear element is waaaay too long will it have an effect on metering (and here come in the Super-Angulon, an old M-mount version of the 21mm first lens, and the first version of the Elmarit 28mm).

    It happens that the M6 has a meter that reads light reflected on a white patch that's painted on the shutter curtain. This patch reflects light to a meter eye located inside the body, on the 12 o'clock position. The eye reads the reflected light and that's how the camera meter works.

    Just to be on the safe side, which LTM glass would you use with your potential M6?

    PS. I have used a Canon LTM 35mm f2.8 with one of my M6TTL bodies and it works perfectly well.
  7. My lenses are Canon 28mm, Elmar 3.5cm, Elmar 5cm, Elmar 9cm. Nothing exotic, but I like their rendering. Metering off a white patch makes sense.
    Kent in SD
  8. I just love to read of continued interest in the LTM bodies and lenses.
  9. My lenses are Canon 28mm, Elmar 3.5cm, Elmar 5cm, Elmar 9cm. Nothing exotic, but I like their rendering.
    I have those, and they meter fine. (Agree that the Elmars have beautiful rendering.)
  10. I fitted a Summar to my M6 via an adaptor and it worked well. the meter was fine.
  11. Not very long ago, I shot several rolls using an (and my favorite) M3 with a Canon 50mm/f1.4. The subjects were all ladies, my wife and a lady friend of my wife (all parties are retired).
    I shot with the lens wide open with winter light streaming into my northern NY State farmhouse windows. The results were more than flattering to the ladies, almost a glow present in each shot.
    Clinical sharpness is for microfiche readers (should any exist these days).
  12. The M5 and the CL were the first Leica bodies with internal meters. The Minolta CLE, most of the 35mm-format Voigtlander Bessas and ther Zeiss Ikon all have meters. Some of them, as mentioned have clearance problems with individual lenses, and some of the lenses will block the low-mounted metering cell in the Minolta.
    When I bought Voigtlander LTM lenses years ago, the LTM-M adapter was added at the same time. To me, they're M-mount lenses.
    They include the 28/3.5, 35/2.5 and the 50/2.5 and none have caused metering problems.
  13. Paul I just added a very nice IIF Red Dial (late model) and also a similarly nice III (1938) to give company to my IIIF - I take one with me every day. Screwmount Leica cameras are alive and well.

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