Leica ll, circa 1930's

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  1. What lenses and eqiiptment was available for the Leica ll at the time of it's introduction? What film was available?
  2. Jack, there were seven lenses: f:3.5/35mm, f:3.5/50mm, f:2.8/50mm,
    f:1.9/73mm, f:4.0/90mm, f:6.3/105mm, f:4.5/135mm. All were Elmars
    except the "high speed" Hektors. There were too many accessories to
    mention, do you have anything particular in mind or are you just
    fishing? The available film were 35mm movie film tails, which had to
    be loaded into special cassettes, which I believe were different from
    those for the Leica A. I think that preloaded casettes probably did
    not come into general use until Kodak introduced them for the
    Retina. HOVE has a copy of the 1933 Leica catalogue which is a year
    after the Model II was introduced, and inculded the Model III.
  3. Bill, it's all for research, but what was the film speed, I have a
    figure of 25asa, faster film was available for larger format but 'Tail
    ends' were restricted.


    Many Thanks, Jack.
  4. www.eastman.org

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