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  1. I have an older friend that is asking me to attempt to sell some of his Leica lenses.
    Obviously they are "pre" digital days....

    Can someone point me to any sites that favor more of these type lenses, or places that trade/deal in these?...or
    is there any interest within this group??

    He's starting to part with glass first...there maybe some bodies that come later.

    Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

  2. I like my Leicas and have one lens that came 6Bit coded in total. - I suppose I am not the only one coping with digital Leicas, to continue shooting the good old glass. photo.net has a classified section. - Leica stuff gets traded on the big auction site by dedicated auction houses and there are dealers charging a pretty penny for the old stuff too.
    IDK where you'll fetch the best prices.
    Check out what lenses fetched in finished auctions, read up about the rating system collectors use and ask yourself how trustworthy you'll appear, when you 'll start selling there. <- Sorry, no offense meant, but that is really(!) important. Unfortunately the Leica price tags inspired a few crooks to do their shady deals in the past and some folks might be reluctant to head for the hassle of a lot of money wagered and disputes with a seller.
    If you have good ratings and dealt with photo gear before, go ahead!
  3. Thanks for your insight and suggestions......no offense taken on any part of your response.
    I broker many deals for a large group of parties, mostly in Canon or Nikon units. So my start at being asked to
    handle some older Leica gear is a new and interesting adventure. Since I saw some conversations on Leica gear
    on one of the forums, I felt I may find someone else more informative than I on them. It does appear that I may be
    fighting an uphill battle...until I can at least obtain the units and determine what he actually has to sell.

    Again thanks for your insight...and if anyone else has any info...I'd be greatfull for any suggestions.

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