Leica lenses on 4/3 digital cameras?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by troll, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Is there an adapter?
  2. There are adapers for the mirrorless micro4/3-cameras.
  3. There are adapters for Leica lenses on every mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that is thin enough to use Leica lenses. That includes micro-4/3, Sony E-Mount (NEX cameras), Canon EF-M (EOS M camera), and Fuji X Mount (X-Pro1 and X-E1 cameras).
    Well, I don't know if there are adapters for Nikon 1 or Pentax Q, but who cares with such small sensors?
    The question is how much will you enjoy (1) the crop factor and (2) the manual focusing experience.
  4. Bill, fitting the lens is possible but the lens will be too far from the sensor to focus to infinity. I once put a screw mount lens on a 39-to-42 step-up ring, and that on a 42-to-FT adapter. Usable, but only for close-up work.
  5. Leica made an R adapter for 4/3 cameras, when they still were into those mounts. Both M and R lenses adapt to m4/3.
    But M doesn't go on regular 4/3.
  6. Mukul, that holds for normal 4/3 mount, but not the micro-4/3 mount.
  7. Panasonic makes an excellent adapter for the use of Leica lenses on their micro 4/3 cameras. I have the M adapter for my Lumix GF1 and it works just fine. However, it's not inexpensive. They make adapters for both Leica M and R lenses.
  8. "Leica lenses on 4/3 digital cameras?" is the title of the thread, John.
  9. Mukul, Leica M lenses will focus to infinity with the Panasonic M adapter on my Lumix GF1.
  10. John and John, I did not have in mind Micro 4/3 -- because that is not what the thread is about.
  11. Mukul, point taken. But at least some additional information has been provided to the Forum that may be useful to some folks.
  12. Thanks for the information, and please stop the p*****g contest.
  13. Yeah, I didn't read the title carefully. Mea culpa.
    There is no single lens reflex camera that can use Leica M lenses and focus to infinity. Well, I suppose maybe an adapter could be made for the Pentax 110, but that's just sick.
  14. John -- and this isn't water-making -- I have often wondered if it is not possible optically to adjust back-focus so that Leica lenses, for example, can be used on digital SLRs.
  15. Deleted.
  16. There was an adaptor with a negative element to allow the use of Pentax screw (Edixa /Praktika 42mm) lenses on Nikon and achieve infinity. Optically, quality wise, it would have been a bit like a front of lens close up filter.
    A strong negative element with a leica lens would work with any SLR or camera with greater mount/sensor distance, but unlikely to be very satisfactory
  17. Close-up lenses with two or more elements can give good results. Many attachments are made to decrease or increase the focal lengths of lenses, and some of these perform well. I should imagine it would be possible to make an adapter to in effect increase the back focus of lenses so that they may be used on certain cameras. However, given that digital SLRs can already take a considerable number of lenses with inexpensive adapters, it probably makes no economic sense to have mathematicians work on adapters for the few combinations that are still not possible.

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