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  1. Hi

    I took my IIIf to a concert yesterday (Cat Stevens at Pokolbin, NSW Australia - rained heavily, but a really energetic performance). Took a roll of fp4 before the concert, shots of where we were staying, all well. Changed the roll just before the concert (same routine - precut film, loaded as per the prophets instructions; film canister wound back to ensure tightness; wind on noting the re-wind knob turning. Using that process, took a couple of shots before the concert. Then three at the concert, using the same procedure - checking that the rewind knob was turning). Same speed used thru out, so no speed changes. Then the film wouldn't wind on. The wind knob turned, but would not move the film or cock the shutter. Checked that I hadn't moved the rewind lever - no, it was still set for firing. When I got back to the digs after the concert, I checked the rewind and could rewind the film that was in it (saving the shots I'd taken). But the film winder would not cock the shutter. I could cock the shutter using the speed dial, and it would fire.

    I suspect it needs to go to someone competent in repairs, but thought I'd ask if anyone has encountered this before and if there's a quick fix. This is one of a couple of IIIf's I use, but this one has not been serviced in my ownership.

    Thanks for any ideas.

    Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
  2. Hi
    Well, I sorted it. Initially as a quick fix, with a follow up look by a local camera repairperson. The winding knurled knob is held on by a small grub screw. It had become loose. And the winder wouldn't work as a result. Tightened it up, and it worked (though I could only do this after getting home from the concert - so ended up with only a couple of shots of the preparations for the concert). The repair person told me that the screw tightens into a recessed indent in the winding shaft, and alignment to it is set up by setting ASA 100. The screw apparently has to become very loose before it loses its wind on effect.
    Anyway, that may be of interest to fellow IIIf users.
    Regards, Arthur (apiarist1)
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