Leica IIIa and Jupiter 12

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by darko|1, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. I just have baught Leica IIIa (298715) with Summitar 5cm/2.0,($530) and was
    very happy with condition of camera and lens.As I already have some russian
    screw mount cameras (Zorki 1C, and Zorki 4)and some glasses.I really love my
    Jupiter 12 (35/2.8) I was hoping that I could use that lens on IIIa, and when
    I came home my Jupiter denied to screw on Leica...seems that the rear element
    on Jupiter touches Leica focal plane.....

    Has anybody some experiences....???

  2. I have both a Leica IIIa and IIIf. I have not used my Jupiter 12 on the IIIa, but have used it extensively on the IIIf, with no problems. My J-12 is a 1987 black model. What is yours?
  3. Jim, my Jupiter has serial No 7301738, so I guess it is model from 1973 y., it is also black and it fits nicely on my Zoorki 1C, and Zorki 4, but not on IIIa...hmm

  4. I have not heard of any problems with fitting the J-12 to Leicas. I seem to recall that some of the Bessa cameras have interference with the rear element. Have you made sure that the lens is focused at infinity when you mount it?
  5. My J-12 works very well on my IIIc. Are you sure that the rear element is touching the shutter? Does the lens screw in at all?
  6. The cam diameter hitting/jamming above/below the roller and pinching?
  7. Jim, -- Yes, I am sure that the lens is focused at infinitty....

    H.P. -- I am not sure that rear element is touching the shutter, but when I try to screw lens it will not screw in thorugh the end, it shows some gap between lens and body and forcing it seems to me that I could demage the rear element...

  8. I use a J12 on a IIIa and IIf with no problems. Something other than the rear element and the shutter touching is happening (because that just doesn't happen.) Try setting the lens to close focus (thereby moving the rear lens group forward) and see if it screws in all the way. I think it is a lens focus cam/camera cam follower issue. Another thing to try is to use a toothbrush to clean the threads of the lens and camera body, then add a TINY amount of lubricant.
  9. Thanks Frank, it helps, TINY amount of lubricant helps to screw the lens...I guess this camera newer get another lens except Summitar,so the threads where bit dusted, I have clean them and with helps of lubricant it screwed just niceley,...thank you guys for helping me to solve the problem....

  10. Allowing for the 1mm difference in flange to shutter distance, miked my M6 and my IIIa and can discern no significant difference. Unfortunately I don't have a J12 in LTM but my J12 mounted on the Kiev 4 indicates adequate clearance when observed from the opened back. I am in agreement with the theory that the problem has something to do with the cam linkage. Good luck!

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