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  1. www.timvanderweert.com
  2. It's about time, Tim! <p>
    Couple of quick observations:
    - I wish you hadn't put a copyright watermark on each of your pix. I know you want to protect your work, but it's really distracting and prevents me from really being able to view and enjoy your work
    - I wish the site was in HTML and not flash, but I guess that's really just a matter of personal preference
  3. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed viewing your work.
  4. The "flash" is so horrible to look at that I can't see your images' merits, if any. What a cruel joke you've played on us!
  5. Very nice work there, but the flash is really annoying. I've had art directors tell me they
    won't ever see my work with a flash-heavy site like this. No matter how good the work or
    clean the site design, if the interface gets in the way, it's a problem. Pity- the images
    themselves are pretty good.
  6. DM--- What is so great about pictures of KKK clansmen in summer und winter uniforms?
  7. Jerry, those are religious costumes. In Spain, during Holy Week, there are "procesiones": kind of religious pilgrimages representing the passion of Jesus. The people who walk along these processions are dressed that way. That's not the KKK. Processions of this kind are very common in Spain and in my country, Guatemala. Also big in Colombia.
  8. What is so great about pictures of KKK clansmen in summer und winter uniforms
    God, get a clue, please.
  9. No wonder the world thinks Americans are idiots.
  10. I especially like the Bois de Boulogne pictures -- those, for me, were the most satisfying
    set on the site. I didn't see the Flash as particularly distracting, nor the copyright

  11. I see nowhere on the referenced site where he uses a Leica. He specifically states he uses digital, that is all.
  12. Tim, Nice work!

    Some of the comments here are quite amusing but not shocking.

    Yes, flash is annoying.
  13. I didn't have a problem at all witht he website and could see the images clearly. Of course, I'd love to be able to see them big as sin and in high rez, but that's not the purpose of the site.

    The photos reaveal a very ncie body of work, which is to say a consistently innovative creativity as regards our human interface with this business of existence.

    Thanks for showing!
  14. I see the reason to object to the flash. For someone with a dial-up connection it doesn't work well. I just viewed the site at work (with high-speed connection) and liked it as it is. But that's my HO.
  15. Thank you for the comments.

    Maybe I'll rethink the flash thing.

    Most, of the work was shot with a Leica of some kind or another.

    And, i especially liked the "The photos reveal a very nice body of work, which is to say a consistently innovative creativity as regards our human interface with this business of existence" comment. Peter is clearly destined for great things as a photo critic.

    And thanks to my old friend Andrew lee. Nice guy and a very good photographer. Where can we see your work, Andrew?
  16. I was going to say good things about the photos, too, Tim. (Hope I'm not too late :)

    Another question: I think I went from a thumbnail to an intermediate-sized photo which, when I clicked on it, yielded a larger size. Why include the intermediate size ?
  17. it


    Great stuff.
    The watermarks are not needed IMO.
  18. Tim -
    I like the site very much, flash or not. Very nice B&W work. I am intrigued that you're using Piezo inks and will perhaps follow up with offline on that, if you don't mind.

    Thanks for sharing.

  19. The Flash is just fine. Most collectors and non photographers that actually purchase photography don't have a problem with it.
  20. Tim, first time I went to Seville with a British couple friends, she terrified thinking the capirotes were KKK people. Nice work. Congratulations.

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