Leica Elmarit-R 24mm f/2.8 3-CAM lens for sale

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  1. I am selling my Leica Elmarit-R 24mm f/2.8 3-CAM lens, made in Germany. The price of the lens is 750 euros; shipping cost is included in the price if shipped within EU; to Uk or outside EU, please consider customs tax.

    The lens is cosmetically and technically in excellent++ condition and of course flawless functionally. I am only the second owner of the lens; I bought it from an official Leica representative who guaranteed that the lens was fully cleaned and checked.

    The lens comes with its Leitz hood, no. 12523; a B+W 60mm MRC multilayer UV-haze filter (with case and box), and its original front and rear caps.

    The offer also includes a Canon EOS DSLR adaptor L(R)-EOS quenoX with focus confirmation, and a Canon rear cap, in case one would want to leave the adaptor on the unused R lens.

    This is a private sale, so please note that return of the item will not be accepted.
    3a.JPG 2a.JPG 6a.JPG 10a.jpeg 8a.JPG 1a.JPG 4a.JPG 5a.JPG
  2. A new price for this lens is now at 550 euros. Τhe lens must go, as I am planning to finance purchase of a new photo equipment. Otherwise, the rest of info is of course still valid. Please contact me at apostolosdtournas@gmail.com.

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