Leica Elmarit-M 21mm f2.8 Pre ASPH Lens Hood?

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  1. What is the number of the lens hood and front lens cap for the Leica Elmarit-M 21mm f2.8 pre ASPH lens? The lens I am talking about has an E60 filter size and has two chrome studs protruding from the front lens barrel at 180 degree from each other. Lens made in Canada. Thank you.
  2. The hood is #12543. Never had a front cover for it if one exists. Underrated lens in my opinion.
  3. The only Leica 12543 hood I can find has spring clips on the side which allow attachment to a version of the 21mm Elmarit-M E60 that has a channel/slot around the outside perimeter of the lens barrel and no chrome studs. Could there be two versions of the hood with the same number?
    I'm looking for the version of the hood that slips over the 21mm Elmarit-M chrome studs and then twist locks into place. Can't be the same number as the spring clipped version, could it?.
    Also found a 12537 hood which is for the first version of the Leica 21mm Elmarit-M E49 filter size.
  4. Robert,
    The correct lens hood for the early style 21mm with the pins is #12537. Trust me on this, I own both hoods and only this one will fit correctly. You are right about this being a underrated lens. For the money I think it is excellent.
  5. Chet,
    Does your lens take E49 filters or E60 filters?
    My lens takes the E60 filters but has the chrome studs on the lens barrel as well.
  6. The problem here seems to be there were actually three versions of the 21mm Elmarit-M.
    1) The first one has an E49 filter thread with chrome studs on the barrel for hood attachment. It uses a 12537 hood.
    2) The second one has an E60 filter thread with chrome studs on the barrel for hood attachment. I still don't know what hood it uses. It's the one I'm looking for.
    3) The third one has an E60 filter thread but no chrome studs. Instead it has a groove around the outside of the barrel front for two spring clamps to attach to. It uses a 12543 Hood.
    I'm looking for the numbers of the second version's lens hood and lens cap. The lens cap has slots cut into the sides to accommodate the chrome studs. The hood slips over the chrome studs and then twist locks into place.
    I've been trying to find the correct shade and cap for over a year. It's complicated and apparently difficult for me to describe exactly what I'm looking for. One of us here must have this lens and the appropriate hood and shade.
  7. Ghester Sartorius, in his book Identifying Leica Lenses, says there are only 2 pre-asph 21mm Elmarit-M. The first from approx 2,995,000 is 49mm filter size and has the pins on the sides of the lens. It takes hood 12537. The second version beginning with serial 3,363,300 takes the 60mm filter and hood 12543. My 21mm Elmarit-M is 3,456,nnn, has a 60mm filter and uses hood 12543. The aspheric version starts with approx 3,780,533, takes E55 filter and uses hood 12592. Good luck!
  8. Gil,
    Does your lens have chrome studs or does it look like the one here?
  9. The picture you show is of the E60 version of the 21mm Elmarit-M. Mine is just exactly like that one. This is the 'best' of the pre aspheric Leica 21mm lenses, in my opinion, but they are all very good from the 3.4 Super Angulon thru the aspheric version with different signatures and varying degrees of corner sharpness. I don't think you can go wrong with whichever version you have. Good luck!
  10. Robert,
    These two hoods #12537 and the newer #12543 are identical in size ans shape. Both are designed to fit over the 60mm lens ring of the 21mm f2.8 pre ash. lens.
    The #12543 has two outside spring loaded push tabs, and the lens must have a grove cut into the outer barrel in order to mount correctly.
    The #12537 has two slots cut on the inside of the hood that go over the pins on the lens. Forget about the 49mm lens. I have never seen one, and my guess is that very few were ever produced.
  11. Okay Gill. The version you identify as the same as yours is not the version I have. Mine uses E60 filters but has two chrome studs sticking out of the edge of the barrel at 180 degrees apart. The 21mm Elmarit-M that you identify as being the same as yours uses the pictured 12543 hood which would not fit my lens. Neither will the 12537 hood which is too small in diameter.
  12. Shocking news.
    KEH.com has this very hood that you seek for sale, and it is reduced. The 21 2.8 plastic vented hood #12537 for $849.00 in excellent condition. WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!
    BTW the lens cap is a #14266 size 62mm.
  13. Chet
    Here is the 12537 hood which I've tried at great expense (though not that much) and is too small in diameter (E49).
    You can see the 12543 here which has spring clamps and will not fit over the chrome studs of my lens. I'm beginning to think my lens is a very rare item and if I did find a Leica hood to fit it, I couldn't afford it.
  14. Robert,
    If you read the whole article it states that the 49mm and the 60mm version use the same catalog number of #12537. It also clearly states that the 49mm lens was never produced for sale. Therefore it is a none factor. I went through this same process when I was looking for my hood. I found the #12543 on ebay thinking it wound fit, No such luck. I can't remember where I finally found the #12537 hood, but it took me some tome to find one.
    Obviously the 849.00 is a typo it probably has more to do with the actual lens. If I were you I would call them, they do not anser emails, about the price of this #12537 hood that will fit your lens. I guarantee it.
  15. Yes you're right Chet. Thank you. I'll check KEH hoping it's a typo, but as you can see, Schouten is selling it for even more.
    This from Schouten which explains my difficulty:
    "The 21mm lens was introduced as a 49mm lens at the Photokina in 1980. The final production however already was a 60mm filter size lens. The lens hoods both had the production code 12537 but definitely look different. The shape of the early version look more like the lens hood of the 3rd version 28mm lenses but then more wide angle."
    So anyone who comes across a hood with the number 12537 probably thinks they have the rare E49 hood when in fact it could be the much more common E60 hood. I'm not going to pay $1000 to find out.
    I wonder why Leica used the same production numbers (according to Schouten) for two different hood designs?
    Good thing the 21mm Elmarit-M is resistant to flare. I've never heard of a hood costing so much. It's just plastic!
  16. The #12537 hood for 60mm lens.
  17. Chet,
    I called KEH about the 12537 hood they have in stock. The salesman could not tell me anything about it except it was the most expensive lens hood he has ever seen listed. He will call me back on Monday with more information.
    I tried to explain about the rare hood and more common hood having the same production number but being different sizes.
    "Uh huh, uh huh."
    I'm not holding my breath.
  18. Thanks for the photo, Chet. That's probably as close as I'll ever get to one. Here in Honolulu I have to rely on internet sources and that has proved to be extremely difficult regarding this item. At least I have learned that there is one production number for two different hoods.
    If anyone comes across a Leica 12537 hood for the 21mm Elmarit-M E60, please let me know.
  19. I have a 21mm f2.8 Leitz Elmarit-M w/60mm filter and studs. Chet is 100% correct. The sunshade says "12537 M2.8/21". The top, fwiw, "Leitz Canada". Finding one of these that ISN'T BROKEN may be the rarity. I was told years ago that they break. Mine has gaffer tape which prevents it from slipping--not really 'off' the lens but it secures it. I bought mine 20 years ago, used, and it was broken when I got it. There's a spring or clip or something that breaks. It's NO big deal. Mine's now 6-bit coded and after many years on M6s gets a workout on the M8.2.
  20. John,
    I'd be happy to find even a broken one. I'm pretty good at repairing plastic and I think I could fabricate a spring clip.
  21. I recently purchased an M-3 with the 2.8 Elmarit-M 21mm Leica 60mm filter version lens and hood 12537 mounted. The lens is serial number 29941nn, making it slightly earlier than the 2995000 approx. production start cited by Mr. Pruitt from Mr. Sartorius above for the 49mm version, though this is certainly 60mm. The hood is the 'two stud' version as seen in the Schouten images, cited above by Mr. Hooper. A difference in my hood from the Schouten images is the upper corners of the hood, on the horizontal axis, are cut out, allowing less blocking of view and range finder image. The lower corners on the same axis are not cut out. The image #6 shows the mount indicator dot on the hood adjacent to the horizontal axis marking 'Leitz / Canada' while mine is on the opposite side, marked '12537 / M2.8/21', necessary for proper location of the cutouts when mounted. The lens was purchased originally from a US Leica dealer in March, 1984, though a Danish site, copyrighted by Niels H. S. Nielsen shows an 1979 manufacture date. And, yes, one of the two stud lock springs is broken. To say the least, I have found this lens quite difficult to document and with much conflicting informaton as have all of us.
  22. Leica lens shade #12537 60mm is currently on ebay...
  23. I was able to get that one, Nancy. Thank you.

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