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  1. The Leica DLUX 109 has a sharp dc Vario Summilux F1.7 ASPH lens
    Which has 11 elements, in which 8 aspherical elements
    Image size about 4000 x 3000 pixels

    As can be seen from the sample photos, the lens is sharp from corner
    to corner with no visible distortion.

    Highest shutter speed 1/4000 sec

    Rechargeable Li-on battery 7.2V 7.4Whr.

    Capacity 1025mAh

    Battery charger Model No BC-DC15E
    Input source 110-240V AC, 50/60 Hz.
    Output voltage 8.4V DC 0.43A
  2. L1100454.JPG
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  3. I bought a Leica UV filter for my DLUX 109 camera. this uv filter is neither a threaded filter or a snap on filter.
    It is a piece of insertion filter , insert into the recess in front of the lens. The Leica UV filter
    comes with glue on the rim, once inserted, it takes up the space of the recess

    DLUX 109 has a lens cap, however with the Leica UV filter attached, the lens cap cannot be used any more
    because the the filter fills up the recess, and the lens cap cannot be attached
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    I obtained a threaded filter and a lens hood for my 109. The inside of the hood is threaded and will accept a 58mm Nikon pinch type lens cap. If I used the cap more, I'd obtain an unmarked one in 58mm.

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