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  1. Hi Martin, not sure if you're asking a question or showing something about the Leica D-Lux.

    In any case, because I've seen several units already into the shop for the same issue, a service warning:

    If you own this particular model, keep the body especially clean of debris (*Wipe with a microfiber cloth that is lightly moistened). This because of the intense vacuum created every time the camera is turned on (This zoom lens expands out a lot in order to take pictures).
    With this 'expand' function, the image sensor (Along with the rest of the internals) receives an inordinate amount of artifact contamination (Dust & lint on your digital images). So knowing that the camera seems to 'INHALE' the debris that is loose on the body surfaces, one should keep the camera *cleaner than the usual fixed lens or short zoom point & shoot design...
  2. Good advice,
    many thanks
  3. Unlike most compact digital camera, Dlux 109 has a viewfinder. However this viewfinder is not an optical viewfinder, but an electronic
    viewfinder. It has a viewfinder style eye level finder, but without the
    front window.
  4. Sandy Vongries

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    Very attractive and capable little camera - almost too many features packed into a small, neat, high quality package. I find the viewfinder to be quite good and like the auto aspect of it. Because it is quite small, I find it more difficult to use than my full size cameras if I haven't used it for a while.
  5. Sandy is happy with his make believe Leica made by Panasonic. Thrilled too bits..

    It has got the real red Leica badge...so, there, it must be a proper Leica.

    One day, when his little china pink pig is full of gold....and he is not spending all his gold coins on junk, he will go to the fairy ball...just like Cinderella.....and be so happy with a real Leica made in Solms Germany.

    Just kidding;)) It's is a fine camera.
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    Got my Dad's M3, 35, 50, 90, 135 that I was fortunate enough to be able to use to learn photography. The D Lux was a gift from a friend, otherwise I wouldn't have it. Basically I'm a Nikon guy, and also have a GXR kit. Actually, no china pig, I keep the gelt in a beer mug.:cool: Hope your week end is going well, Allen.
  7. "I keep the gelt in a beer mug.:cool: Hope your week end is going well, Allen." Sandy.

    Understand the Nikon stuff I really do. Beer mug, lot cooler than a china pink pig;)

    Keeping awake for the boxing.
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  8. Leica DLUX 09 zoom lever frozen problem solved

    My Leica DLUX 09 zoom lever has frozen for nearly two years. No matter how hard I pushed the zoom lever, the

    lens stayed in the same place. Hence I used the camera

    as if it had no zoom function

    However, recently I find out why the zoom lever not working----Because I push the zoom lever TOO HARD

    If I push the zoom lever GENTALLY, the zoom function

    is alive again !!
  9. Leica D-LUX zoom control on top plate

    W means Wide angle mode, or zoom out

    T means Telephoto mode, or zoom in
  10. L1100438.JPG
    Toronto Distillery District
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    Toronto Distillery District
    Former abanded district of distilleries
    Later converted into a tourist attraction
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    An old distillery
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