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  1. Hi Martin, not sure if you're asking a question or showing something about the Leica D-Lux.

    In any case, because I've seen several units already into the shop for the same issue, a service warning:

    If you own this particular model, keep the body especially clean of debris (*Wipe with a microfiber cloth that is lightly moistened). This because of the intense vacuum created every time the camera is turned on (This zoom lens expands out a lot in order to take pictures).
    With this 'expand' function, the image sensor (Along with the rest of the internals) receives an inordinate amount of artifact contamination (Dust & lint on your digital images). So knowing that the camera seems to 'INHALE' the debris that is loose on the body surfaces, one should keep the camera *cleaner than the usual fixed lens or short zoom point & shoot design...
  2. Good advice,
    many thanks

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