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  1. I'm wondering if the diopter correction lenses for Leica M sold today fit all Leica M models, including back to the M4-p, M4, and M2.

    The eyepiece looks a little different on the older model cameras, hence my question. So will the diopter I use on my M7 fit an M4, etc?

    Thank you...
  2. Just to clarify-

    What I'm asking is if the screw threads will match to accommodate the diopter lens.
  3. SCL


    I think the answer is yes...I know that I've used the same one on my M2, M4 and M6 which I owned at different times. But if you're talking about the digital M, I think that there may be a stylistic change, but that the threaded screw part also fits the older analog M bodies.
  4. Thanks Stephen… It is the same fit for the M6TTL, M7, M9, and M240. That much I know for sure.
  5. I hands on tested M3 (DS), 4-P, 8 and Monochrom having the same thread. - No clue about M5 & 2.
  6. I have a Leica eyepiece diopter, which fits an M2, M3 and M9, and a 1.4x magnifier. The old cameras have a brass bezel (which ruined a set of glasses for me), while the diopter, magnifier and M9 are rubber.
  7. I am using the 1.4x diopter to assist with the 75, 90 and 135mm lenses and have used it on an M4, M6, M9 and M262.
  8. Let's keep the distinction between diopters and magnifiers, shall we?
  9. Yes, you are right, sorry...
    I'm so nearsighted, no amount of available diopter correction would work.
  10. get lenses made of glass rather than plastic. they don't scratch as easily
  11. Btw DAG has plastic snap on protectors for the eyepieces of the older M cameras, for those who
    want to avoid the scratchy metal but don't use a diopter correction lens.

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