Leica dealers in Toronto.

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  1. I want to know the Leica dealers in the Toronto area. Specialized
    stores that carry the Leica M cameras, lenses, and acessories. Thanks.
  2. I used to go to Henrys and Downtown Camera on Queen Street East, for used equiqment, not sure if they carry new Leica anymore, another place to check is Vistek also on Queen St. East.

    Another one I can think of is Lisle-Kelco but they are close now and replaced by a new company , I forget who. It is in Mississauga.

    I hope this helps.
  3. Eight Elm Photo/Video at 525 University Avenue is a Leica dealer, and good guys to deal with. They also stock paper and chemicals. The entrance is on Elm Street, just around the corner, east of University. Their website is www.eightelmphoto.com
  4. You should also check out Harry's Pro Shop. Although he doesn't maintain a storefront, he deals in both used & new Leica and Voigtlander gear. Definitely worth checking out. Cheers,
  5. Jean-Pierre,

    I am in Toronto and recently bought an M7, a 50 cron and a 28 cron. The shops listed above are Leica authorized dealers. The problem is, nobody has any to show you. When I was looking, Vistek had only one Leica and one lens and I'm not sure they even have that anymore. They were all happy to order a camera for you. I wanted to try out the different veiwfinder magnifications. It was a tough decision between the .72 and .85. In the end, I bought the M7 body while in New York (Tamarkin) and then bought the lenses through Harrys Pro shop here in Toronto. Buying the lenses through Harrys saved almost $1000 for my two lenses compared to Vistek. Harry's Pro is grey market and for new lenses you will save a bundle.

    Harrys Pro shop was a real pleasure to deal with. There was a minute problem with the lens hood for the 28 cron and he took care of it right away and with great style. The lens hood did not fit quite square on the lens and I could not decide if I was being too fussy. Brian (the owner's name is Brian, not Harry)interrupted my fussing and said to me quite simply "Charles, this is not your problem, it is my problem" and he took the lens hood and got me a new one. Any camera shop can sell you a lens but it takes a real pro and a real gentleman to deal with a problem and Harrys Pro gets my vote for sure. He also does not stock equipment but he does have some used gear. I think he presently has an M6 and a 35mm 2.8. He has it all listed on his web site.

    Good luck.
  6. h_c



    That is Leica's authorized stores list for Canada
  7. If you are looking for new, Eight Elm is the only authorised dealer I know. 2nd hand; Henry's has some, and International Camera on the Queensway in Etobicoke has some.
  8. Not strictly Leica but they do occasionally get stuff in,

    Kominek's Camera, on College St. just off Younge St. (1/2 block N.W. side).

    Very good to deal with, their own camera repair guy, honest. I saw an early DS M3 w/excellent 50mm collapsible (I think) Summicron for $1,300 Canadian, just CLA'd.

    Kindermann's Gerry Smith in Thornhill is renowned for repairing Leicas. Here's their web site: http://www.kindermann.ca/

    Hope that helps!

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