Leica dealers in Albany NY.

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by henryk_barnas, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Could someone recommend any good sources for Leica new or used gear
    in Albany NY area?
    Thanks in advance,
  2. You cant even get good pizza in Albany! I doubt there are any Leica dealers there? Best bet is to mail order, or go to NYC.
  3. Agreed Steve. Going on my 3rd year @ RPI, and I would definetely have to agree.
  4. Good help us.
  5. God that is.
  6. On the other hand,3 hrs via AMTRAK is Manhattan!And its got very good pizza,Chinese,Japanese,Thai,Greek,Itailian, etc,etc.

    Also there are some great camera stores. However, in the EBAY world we now live in, retail camera shopping has changed.Little hole in the wall camera shops, now have international clients.

    I cant suggest any bargain priced places in NYC, but I can tell you a few shops that know their stuff.Email or ask here.
  7. The bigger question is how to get through college without decent pizza :).
  8. Agreed. They do however have cheap pizza to make up for the lack of quality.
  9. Henryk,

    Since the closing of Reale's in Schenectady the Albany area is left pretty much helpless as far as Leica is concerned. There is a new Leica dealer in Glenville (just north of Scotia)at a film processing store whose name I have forgotten. The camera department there is run by a nice guy named Steve who use to work at Reale's. Unfortunately the last time I looked several months ago he did not carry any Leica stock at all and would only be able to order items from Leica. As I remember there was another dealership listed for South Glens Falls but I have no knowledge of it. You may be able to obtain the name of both of the above locations here: http://www.leica-camera.com/markt/adressen/usa/index_e.html

    As mentioned in previous post your best bet is to travel to NYC or maybe Newtonville camera just west of Boston.
  10. There is a medium-sized camera show held in Albany, usually in April. This will probably be the best selection of second-hand Leica gear in the Albany area.
  11. Steve Gomes is about 30 years too late I'm afraid.

    During the 1960's and 1970's, Troy Camera had quite a nice selection of Leica equipment for its size. Prices tended to be better than NYC too. Albany Camera, then on State Street, was about as good.

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