Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) Users Owners - Comments and Pics

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  1. So I am a new owner of the Leica D-Lux (Typ 109) ... have not received it yet so cannot comment a lot on it as of yet.
    I started this thread for current owners of this camera for comments / experence and posting sample photos. As well as for photogs looking to invest in this camera.
    We all know the internals are a Lumix / Panasonic LX-100 but there is cosmetic difference / square buttons / 3 years warranty and a LR License which makes up for the 300.00 difference in price hike.
    For me it is about a entry into Leica which for most is a brand standard in photography and yes I know the "M" users are the elite and may not think well of the Q or D-Lux series but none the less / both are under the QC and brand umbrella of Leica as well as it is made in Japan vs China as the LX-100 is for what I understand.
    So for me / a Nikon - Canon Concert shooter / excited about making the investment into the brand echo system of Leica - For me it's more about getting back into the "art" of photography - love the idea of street photography / travel and more.
    So all users and future user love to here about this camera here -
  2. Update to the LR License as of July of 2016 - It is now a 90 day subscription to the Adobe Cloud / which I already have and really did not invest in this for the reason of the LR license anyway / also excuse the typo above as it should read investment into the brand ecosystem - for a comprehensive review of this camera along with sample photos and more - I found this review: https://www.ephotozine.com/article/leica-d-lux--typ-109--review-27821 to be helpful.
    The sensor is Micro Four Thirds - more info here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_Four_Thirds_system which is about 9 times larger than traditional compact cameras but about 30% less than APS-C used in other mirrorless cameras such as the Sony a6000 or the Lecia X-Vario which also use's the APS-C Sensor / so there may be a lack of sharpness but 9 times better than a lower cost compact. The Lecia X-Vario is about twice as much as the D-Lux (Typ 109) but it is a fully baked Leica product which I like a lot (they tout it as "Leica M as a role model" which makes the X-Vario a solid step into the Leica Brand without having to step into the 5K plus range investment / vs the D-Lux 109 is a Pano Internals / but the build quality, look and feel of this camera is Leica / yes form factor is almost the same as the Pano - I think the next step up in the evolution from the D-Lux 109 will be in the Leica X-Vario as others have mentioned may be a good call if you are willing to save up another grand. And since photography and gear are really subjective to every photog / really it is what fits for you - so far / the D-Lux 109 is a good step into this great brand / and if I need full frame sharpness / I pull out my Nikon or Canon DSLR but for now / my Street / Life Style / Abstract / Travel Pics will be supported by my new Leica ....

  3. I bought Leica Dlux 109 two years ago. I like this camera. It has a sharp wide angle zoom lens

    Some times the rechargeable battery and/or the DLUX 109 BATTERY
    CHARGER is hard to find on ebay. You have to wait a long time before
    you can buy one

    My Dlux type 109 photos on photo.net:

    LEICA DLUX 109.

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