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  1. I am going to give my wife a digital camera. Being a Leica enthusiast I think about D-Lux 4. Would it be a good choice? Please for your opinion and/or suggestions. Thanks.
  2. I hear good things about this camera and Leica did extend the "free case" deal. I own the first panasonic version. I like it. The wide lens and wide sensor make it nice for travel photography. This camera is pretty expensive for what it is though. You could get a nice CL with 40mm summicron-c for that amount. Best wishes.
  3. I just bought the Panasonic Lumix LX-3 and I really like it. I understand that it is essentially the same as the D-Lux 4, but at least $200US cheaper. It is best used with understanding of its potentials (study the manual and learn how to control it to your will) but you can also get great photos on automatic mode. The 24mm f2.0 lens is fabulous. I believe this is a landmark camera in the ongoing gap-narrowing between small and full size digital cameras.
    Just remember to get two batteries, and the panasonic batteries are not the best.
    -- Peter
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    I have it and I love it. Very small and handy, prefer the Leica Look over the Panasonic (but not sure it is worth the $$$)very good image quality for a P&S. Cannot compare it with my Nikon, nor an M8 (that I wish I had). Iwould shoot at ISO 80,100, maybe 200. Many people (incl me) like the out of camera BW look, too.
  5. I have been going back and forth between the D-Lux 4 and the Canon G10 for my lightweight walkabout camera. I like the Leica profile, the optics IQ, and the 16:9 format option...the comments above have been helpful, thanks.
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    I was at the same point - now that you mention it, as you know there are very different cameras. I think if it was my one and only camera, I may go with the G10, but the DLUX4/LX3 is a better "companion" piece....
  7. I went around the bend...twice, trying to figure out which to get, the G10 or the LX3. I am very happy I decided on the LX3. The G10 takes a nice picture, but the Summicron on the LX3...I don't know how to say it: it sees light differently. I am often surprised. I really like the G10 body and the fact that it has a viewfinder, though not much of one, and I HATE using a camera that only has an LCD screen, that is until I got the LX3. Now it's no big deal.
    The LX3 has me giggling over shots taken, it is really an abundant exchange for the money spent. If you talk to honest photo shop staff, they will, to a man, steer you to the LX3 over the G10. I've had that happen even in shops where the staff get spiffs for selling Canon, they have the G10 in stock and don't have the LX3.
    Two things though. Buy a second or third battery. Study the manual. The feature sets are worth using.
  8. One more. 60mm f2.8/160 ISO 200 Standard color
  9. Not sure what you wife might like - more of a p&s w/good video for family functions? I am also in the market for a p&s and although I like the specs of the LX3, I might wait for the new Lumix ZS3 due out this spring. Some sample pics ...
  10. Thank you for your answers. Yes, Panasonic LX3 appears to be almost identical with Leica D-Lux 4. So the choice is clear.
    Thanks again.
  11. Peter & Ben -- thanks for the input, much appreciated! I agree with your assessments and will pass on the G10 and go for the DLUX4/LX3...Cheers, Jeff
  12. One last thing that is often brought up. The sensor in the LX3 is larger than the G10 and developed specifically for the lens on the camera and the processing engine is new. G10 has more megapixels stuffed onboard, which is generally considered more a bow to marketing than to good image technology.
    Although you can kill most photo shop debates with the observation that you can't tell what camera took that framed 8 X 10 hanging on the wall and also that bad subject and composition negates all camera merits, I think the LX3 rises above this just a tad. I can still take a bad landscape, but just look at the way the light falls on them there trees!
  13. It is a marvellous little tool. I couldn't be happier. But, user as I am of a pair of Leicas, a M3 and M4P I can not understand why to pay a lot more just for a red logo. All the rest, it is the same machine.
    And about the image quality, it is the only compact that I can thing to bring it with me to a concert as a backup camera of my Canon 1D mkIIn. Enough said.
  14. ... and don't forget the beautiful black and white it delivers ...
  15. Sorry. Here you have it:
  16. I've been in the same companion camera conundrum: D-lux/lx-3 versus G-10. I was initially put off by the maximum focal length of 60mm on the D-lux, but do photos from long focal lengths on point and shoots ever turn out well? Also the G-10 is quite a bit bigger.
    Of course there is also the Ricoh GX200 which is another potential player, but I haven't seen or tried.
  17. The 24-60mm focal length keeps me honest.
  18. Gorgeous photos...wow, the Summicron mated to this sensor yields stunning results! Ok, I am sold...need to start looking for some deals now...Cheers, Jeff
  19. The LX3 is available on the auction site here and there. Expect to pay between $470 and $500, though you might get lucky. I would not buy this camera used. It is too tough to spot abuses or things done to such a tiny bundle of electronics and optics that will shorten its life, though it does seem fairly well built.
    The big deal is that for some reason known only to Panasonic, the LX3 is unavailable almost everywhere it is normally sold. Same for the external viewer. It feeds suspicion that an LX4 is in the works as the next product in the pipeline, but that's weird, because the LX3 just came out last August, not 7 months ago.
  20. Don't buy LX3 from ebay, the price is much higher than Amazon.com, Adorama, B&H.
    The Leica IIIf style leather case from Panasonic is quite nice
    (Not a belt case )
  21. Martin,
    the LX3 is not available and hasn't been available at the places you mentioned. They dried up apparently around Christmas. Or at least them donna gottem now. It's odd. Same for the viewfinders and filter adapters.
    eBay is about the only place you can still find them. Panasonic reps don't know when there will be more. But I have seen new LX3s on eBay for $470, which is fair, since places like B & H and Samys were selling it for $499. Just do the usual due diligence on the seller.
    That Lumix case is very nice but it is a bit more money than I can justify. So I bought a $12 LowePro.
  22. I already had the D-Lux3, and I bought the D-Lux4 to get the f/2 lens, the 24mm focal length, and the dual strap lugs. Oh, almost forgot: the classy hot shoe was another incentive. Love the way it looks with a finder on it!
  23. I already had the D-Lux3, and I bought the D-Lux4 to get the f/2 lens, the 24mm focal length, and the dual strap lugs. Oh, almost forgot: the classy hot shoe was another incentive. Love the way it looks with a finder on it!
  24. I already had the D-Lux3, and I bought the D-Lux4 to get the f/2 lens, the 24mm focal length, and the dual strap lugs. Oh, almost forgot: the classy hot shoe was another incentive. Love the way it looks with a finder on it!
  25. Peter, I bought LX3 in Toronto from Aden Camera for equivalent of usd $437 around Xmas time, at that time Amazon was selling it at usd $399, but only ship to address in USA. Yesterday I phoned Aden, they told me that their stock of LX3 were sold out, waiting for next shipment. Looks like LX3 is a hot seller. I bought my filter adapter from Japan thru ebay. The Panasonic adapter is quite pricy. There is a no name adapter on ebay selling for
    about $11. If you intend to use it for filter only, I think the no name one is fine. But since
    I want to use it together with Panasonic DMW-LW46 0.7x wide angle converter, I bought
    the Panasonic adapter DMW-LA4.
  26. I can't imagine how I managed the triple post, above. Must be a first.
    I want to add that I'm not sure I see the point of the change they made to the pixel count. On the D-Lux3, it was 7.5MP for the 4:3 aspect ratio; 8.5 at 3:2; and 10MP at 16:9. That seems logical: the widest picture gets the most pixels. Now, it's 10MP at 4:3; 9.5 at 3:2; and only 9MP at 16:9. I don't believe I like that quite as much. It doesn't make sense to me. Otherwise, a fine little camera (so far).
  27. I guess with the new arrangement the least MP is 9 and not 7.5 and 8. I'm finding the auto white board and the correction for it a bit difficult for indoor tungesten and some halogen, and looking at the LCD screen outdoors, even in the glare of an overcast day is a bit troublesome, but the quality of the image, especially when processed from raw, is worth it.
  28. The price of the D-lux4 just dropped under $700, with the $150 rebate now reflected in the list price, without rebate. I just got one because I am going on a long trip and needed a back up camera and a camera I can hand to my wife or a friend and it will take the picture, vs my M-8 which is not exactly easy for untrained shooters to use. Sure I might have gotten the LX-3 but they are out of stock. The LX-3 is what Michael Reichmannn of Luminous-Landscape used as his back up on a recent trip. http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/cameras/lx3.shtml and the President of Panasonic USA uses one. Even Michael said the Leica might be worth $100 more than the LX-3. The price difference is now less than $200 to a camera you can't find. Easier to justify staying with the red dot.
    What do I like about the camera? Gotta have raw; this does and this camera is much smaller than the G10 competition. Frankly, what is incredible is the f2.0 effective 24mm wide shooting. I don't need high ISO if I have f2.0 in a small sensor camera with large DOF. Hand this to my wife or friend and they will be able to take a fine picture. You will be able to take a very good picture. I also like the fact that you can force the flash and easily remember it is on, because it is "up".
    What concerns me? The RAW buffer sucks vs the M-8. So I use a second custom setting that quickly drops the RAW and just shoots jpeg for those time when you need faster shooting, such as people who change expressions quickly. And while I like the small size, it is tiny in my hands. This camera requires you to read the manual to understand the options. I haven't lost the lens cap yet, but I will.
    I admit, it is not anywhere near the pleasure to use that the M-8 is. But it is 1/10th the price. However, when one is really relaxed, it is safer to drink and shoot with the D-LUX than an M-8.
  29. DLUX4/LX3 has no built in lens cover nor UV filter, instead it uses a lens cap. I bought a third party
    filter adapter (came with UV filter) and put on my LX3. Now I don't need to take on- take off lens cap
    any more
  30. Martin -- what "3rd party filter adapter" is shown in the photo above, please?
  31. I recently got the D-Lux 4 and looking for a decent case. Any recommendations? I would love to get a Luigi full case but it's fricking $300...Any inputs will be appreciated.
    BTW, I'm loving the D-Lux 4...the camera itself and its pictures...amazing. It also comes with a 3 year warranty...
  32. After researching for many months I went with the G-10 over the LX-3 five months ago. I'm glad I did. The comparisons of photos taken shows the Canon sharper w/ better detail and color. Its colors are rich w/ nice skin tone, and I especially love the B&W images I've created with it.
    I really chose it because it felt great in my hand with a nice chuncky metal body, excellent useable controls, and the added flexability of its longer zoom (WA to portrait). The on camera rangefinder viewfinder is indispensable in bright light, even though it has a better and brighter LCD screen than the Panny/Lieca. I take this camera everywhere because of its ruggedness, flexability and size.
  33. All
    Couple of weeks ago a bought a Leica D-LUX 4. Yesterday, when shooting in BW mode I found that when loading the pictures to Adobe Lightroom they turned up as color photos. To my great surprice.
    When I viewed the shots on the camere screen, they were all BW.
    Can anyone explain what happened here? I tested for the same results earlier to day, and the same thing happened.
    Apart from that the camera is amazing. Thanks.
  34. As I understand it the main difference between the Panasonic Lumix LX3 and Leica DLux4, is that Panasonic is licensed to make the Leica lens for the LX3 according to Leica specs, and of course the Leica DLux 4 uses their German made Leica lens. Electronics on both are made by Panasonic.

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