Leica CM price, etc.

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  1. I've read about the new Leica CM on their website, but have been
    unable to get an idea of when it will be available and the cost.
    Has anyone seen one, tried one, own one? How much does it
    cost and how does it stack up against the Contax T3 or the
    Ricoh's? Is there a neck strap available? B&H and Adorama
    don't have it listed yet.
  2. It will be £697 UK and 1000 Euros in Eurozone (I think) and probably about $600 in USA.

    It is expected in UK stockists at the end of November. USA stockists I dont know about? Neck strap? Dont care. Contax T3 comparison is only a theoretical exercise at present until lots of people have used both machines side by side. (Unlikely to happen soon)
  3. From Leica's official web site it appears the new CM has the same lens (6-element, 4-group Leica 40mm f/2.4 Summarit) as the prior Minilux except for having "improved multi-layer coating." Other features are different though. Erwin Puts has a review of the Minilux lens on his site www.imx.nl/ Click on the large LEICA camera icon on the left and go to "Camera Info." The Nippon Camera magazine in Japan has high regards for the T3 lens, too.
  4. Like a funeral around here. Someone died.
  5. $600 in U.S.? Were you guessing at the price, because Adorama has them for $930....
  6. US price in the $930-80 range, got the price from the rep on the factory tour
  7. A thousand dollar point 'n shoot. Wow! Just what I always wanted.
  8. For a grand it better have a duo speed vibrate mode for serious fondling.
  9. will be in the $700-$800 range from what i hear from dealers. dealer cost will by high 6.
  10. A dutch site lists the Leica CM for 995 euro.

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