Leica CL’s rangerfinder with M lens

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  1. Does anyone know whether Leica CL 1973 film camera can be using on 35 (KOB) and 50 mm (Rigid) Summicron. i’d now prefer to take a small camera than M. Mine appears in the viewfinder using 40 and 50 mm frame line. i can take it along with a wider 35 mm Cron but don’t know whether the rangerfinder in CL will be acculate on 35 and 50 Cron or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Probably would get more responses in the Leica forum-

    I've used my Leica CL with a Canon 50mm F1.5 (LTM) with good results. I like the Canon on it as it fits in the original pouch case. The RF would be fine with the Summicron.
  3. The CL rangefinder is usually fine with the 35 and 50 'crons. Of course not quite 100% equal to a longer-base M in dim light with the 50 wide open, but with practice you get the hang of it. For framing with the 35, just use the outer viewfinder borders (beyond the brightline frame for the 40mm): the entirety of the finder is roughly 35mm FOV.
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