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  1. I recent was able to purchase a Leica M and a rollieflex T1. I know enough to be dangerous on these cameras so, the question is... If I were to spruce these up (I would take them and have them serviced and cleaned because I dont not know enough to clean them myself) would it be worth it? Or should I just take a hit in price and list them for sale as is?
    Thank you!

  2. My apologies the leica looks to be the model below. The serial number is 404944




  3. SCL


    It really depends on their version or model and specific condition. CLA'd cameras often sell more quickly, but rarely pay for the cost of the CLA. By sprucing them up, do you mean a full body recovering like from Cameraquest or Aki-Ashi? If you do it yourself (as I have) you need to make it damn near perfect for your potential buyer, who expects a top notch job, and your choice of materials should probably as closely as possible match the original coverings, rather than reflect a personal affinity for something else.
  4. I would have the leatherette changed on the leica (to original looking) and just a good cleaning on both.
  5. Agree with Stephen. Not economical to CLA and sell. CLA is by the owner for the owner.
  6. What condition (physically) is the rollieflex in?
  7. Great. leatherette is nice, lenses great, just has been sitting for a long time and was in a smokers house. That is the reason for the clean.
  8. ...clean the smoker first.

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