Leica advertisment of 1926

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  1. The earliest Leica ad appeared in 1926 American Photography
    "COMPACT ECONOMICAL, SPEEDY RELIABLE LEICA Pocket Roll Film Camera uisng motion picture films of standard size. Leitz "LEICA" camera. The Leica is the smallest and most efficient camera made. equipped with a 2 inch F:3.5 Anastigmat lens, focal plane shutter, "FODIS" near range
    finder and uses standard motion picture film taking 36 pictures of double standard frame line without reloading. Arrow pinting to enlargment representing original picture magnified about 8 times. The extremely sharp negatives allows for enlargement to 8x10 inches and over. Ask your dealer about Leica Camera, or write for catalog 2093 DD.
    E. LEITZ, INC.... 60 East 10th St. New York. N.Y. Agent for California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Monntana and Arizona,
    SPINDLER & SAUPPE, 86 Third Street, San Francisco, Cal.
  2. With very much respect I don't think the first advert was 1926 for


    When the camera was first launched in Germany it was called a LECA -
    no "I". and at least one advert showed this name.

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