Leica 180mm f/2.0 Apo Summicron R

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by dennis_biela, May 29, 2010.

  1. Thinking of buying the Leica 180mm f/2.0 Apo Summicron R to use on Canon bodies. I have read where the sharpness tops out at f5.6 but how is it at f2 or f2.8 anyone use it compared to the Canon 200mm f2 IS. I can go without IS and autofocus since it will be used on a tripod but would want the best image quality when shooting wide open. If you could post a few samples or email me an image. Thanks Dennis
  2. The 180 cron is my favourite R lens. Weighs a ton, but handles like a dream. Focus is smooth and easy to do with your thumb and the IQ is pin sharp with lovely bokeh.
    Here's some of my shots taken at F2 and F2.8. I've put the link rather than small jpg images, so you can see a bit more detail. Hope that helps. Oh, by the way, although it's heavy, it's well balanced and easy to hand hold.

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  3. Ii has been a while since the above were posted. But I now end up with more or less the same situation as I am contemplating to buy a second hand 180mm f2 Apo. Just wonder whether it is worth the while as I already own 180mm f3.4 Apo and a couple of Canon fast lens such as 85mm f1.2. Given the bulkiness of the 180mm cron Apo, I don't think I can use it as often as the 180 telyt Apo which I find a joy to carry when I travel. Any advice will be very much appreciated.

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