Leica 111C

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  1. Playing with new scanner and computers, I'm a bit old so I do struggle. Trying another post...bear with me!
    This is just a bit of camera porn and pics to go with it. I'm sure that everyone on PDN would be familiar with the early Leicas. The 111C I believe, is the first of the diecast models, and has the range/viewfinder windows closer together, this makes the camera much quicker to use.
    The lens I have used here is the 50mm F2 Summitar, the pre-curser to the much vaunted Summicron. The Summitar is a great performer if you can find one that is not cloudy or scratched to hell...mine is thankfully fine. A couple of these were also taken with a Canon 85mm F1.9, a beautifully heavy and chromed lens that I really like. These were taken at the Bombala steam rally, in the southern highlands of SE Australia. Film was Pan f+ in Rodinal 1:50.
  2. Now for the pics if I can find them.
  3. I will scan them bigger next time!
  4. Next one.
  5. Still more.
  6. Still going.
  7. Once again, sorry for the size, didn't scan them large enough...do better next time!
  8. Some cool shots there, Tony! Love the shots with the 85mm. So snappy. And such a beautiful camera! A well done post, sir.
  9. That IIIC's in lovely shape. I hope to see more of your work with it.
    Leica continues to tempt me, but prices are high and I'd have to go for the later M-mount models because my experience with M42 has led me to the conclusion that I don't like screw mounts. Bayonets are much easier to work with.
  10. Nothing wrong with Summitar lenses if you stop them down a little. Wide-open they're nice for portraits.
    I love IIIc Leicas, that's why I have 5 of them! :)
    Yours appears to be from around the 1950s.
  11. Tony, never state that you're getting a bit old, merely protest that the scanner is a little new and unmanageable. Until you tame it... That 85mm is tack-sharp...Love the pic of the old bloke snoozing by the old engine... A familiar scene; we do share a common culture!
  12. Those shots are very nice. I especially like the first one.
  13. That's a good looking post-war IIIc (not 111C, please). Canon's 85/1.9 is said to be better than their 85/2, to whose fine performance I can testify. The Summitar was a good lens for its time but is let down by soft glass and fragile coating. I never used mine without its SOOPD hood.
  14. Very nice all round.
  15. Rick, sorry...you are quite right! Mukul, sorry also, have to get the Leica nomenclature correct, I will stay away from the shift button in future. Correct about the Summitar having soft glass, same with the Summar, but I now have good examples of both, and that took some doing!
  16. Roman numerals, upper case and lower... it's a mess. I'm sure you know that there was capital letter naming also, from "A" to "G" if my ageing memory hasn't failed.
  17. Yes Mukul, the Retinas are a nightmare as well!
  18. The difference between European and US nomenclature for Leicas is confusing sometimes.. Leica I, Model E, eugh...
    And don't get me started on Retina's! ;)
  19. I have a IIIc and recon you have some good "decisive moments" there Tony. Like Cartier Bresson you got got some at close range, good stuff.

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