left my main bag in the car

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  1. Hey gang, needed to share with you my excellent investment experience
    which was put to test last night!

    Yes I know, some of our realy outspoken members of photo.net community
    will find something wrong with many purchases (and I think negative
    comments are still very incourage and very often tend to be very
    useful and helpful). At any rate this posting is meant to share my
    experience an my excitement in using this new (actually old, never
    thought of using it before) tool. I normaly cary a wheeled case with
    all my lenses 3 bodie, batteries, chargers and another case for the

    It is quiet tough to navigate around the church, and than on formal
    shoots with all this gear, and often we suffer from either a sore
    sholder or a pain in the neck for caring all these cameras with
    different lenses to cover the range that we need during the shoots.

    So last night I gave my new tamrack belt a go. I only took One body
    with me (left two in the car) 3 lenses 3 batteries holsters for all my
    flash cards (two, one for new and the other one for used)my main lens
    that is always on is 24-70, during the shoot, I have switched between
    three lenses quite swiftly, changing from 24-70 to 16-35 to 70-200 and
    man my shoulders feel great this morning. The belt is very nicely
    padded and no strain was experience during the day. Once I got to the
    reception hall, the belt came off.

    Any way, I am from NY, yesterday I felt as if I was from Texas with
    all my holsters :) But boy it was so convenient.

    happy shooting all
  2. dont you worry about only having one body on you. even one with a cap and no lens somewhere on you?
  3. Don't you worry you just told the entire planet that you leave valuable camera gear in your car unguarded?
  4. I'm all for traveling light but I need to have my spare body/lens and "stuff" handy in the church, I've got some stuff safely stashed in the car. I stopped carrying the aluminum case a few years ago and can get my "must haves" in a bag. Back in my service days I used to carry a holster all day....can't see going back to it.
  5. I hink I am going to buy another pouch this week for the second body, this way if I ever need a spare, it is right there on my waist. As for leaving " expansive gear in the car" I do have insurance, at least now I know who might be interested in breaking in. First person I will go to is you Robbie.

  6. I'll bet the bastards don't make a big and tall version. I'd be interested in big if I decided to haul a high lens count.
  7. I've been thinking about going with a belt system to save my back and neck. I've seen a couple of good possibilities. But I don't know how they'll look with a suit or tux.

    OTOH, Lowepro, Tamrac, Tenba, et al, aren't exactly haute couture and Prada doesn't make camera bags.
  8. Where can I locate or view this belt/holster. What is the product number? Seems like something I would be interested in...

    I just spent half a day closing two checking accounts and still have yet to get drafts on the account reopened. My neighborhood of 80+ homes just had a crew break in every car left out of their garage. I'm sure the neighboring development got hit as well. My father who lives a couple miles had his neighbor hit two weeks ago.

    One went so far as to crawl under the garage door left up about 12 inches for the cat to get in and out.

    Insurance is nice and I'm guilty of describing my stuff as well, but I think we should all be more careful.

    It was my car this past weekend it could be my house next week and end in the rape/death of my wife or worse, because I was foolish enough to tell the world what I own.

    For the record... I'm shooting film so hopefully nobody wants my stuff :)
  9. Those belts are great - you can get yourself clean, you can have a good bath, you can do
    whatever you feel, it's fun to stay at the..

  10. I bought mine at B&H the one I bought is Tamrac MBX5397 (M.A.S.) Modular Accessory Belt, Medium - Black. As for the holsters I bought mostly Lowepro.

  11. Here is the best designed vest I've seen. I haven't bought one, but if I needed one, this would be it... t
  12. Best belt systems i have used are:

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