Left heavy gear for Samsung S10+ and Gimbal. What do you think of the footage?

Discussion in 'Video' started by yanyanyan881, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. I have Fuji X-T3, X-T20 and RX100VA.
    They are both super good video cameras (TBH too advanced for me)
    But many times, I am tired of the weight and transferring footage into the computer and edit them.

    I like idea of small lightweight setup. So i went to try out phone + gimbal combo. (S10+, Zhiyun M2 Crane)

    For sure the quality is not as good as proper cameras. But the question would be is it 'good enough' for 'casual' youtube mobile users?
    Can you see artifacts?

  2. Looks good to me. I'm not sure YouTubers are that fussy anyway. Nice job of editing and assembly.

    That said, a smart phone is a hammer in search of the right kind of nail. A video camera is a bag of tools. Hybrid cameras, like the Panasonic T3, fall somewhere in between. You would need 10 smart phones to hold an hour of video from my Sony FS5, but at 17 pounds fully built-up, I'm not holding it at arms length on a gimbal.
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  3. You have a very good analogy! beautiful written :) Thanks for your comment. I think I got your approval in S10 quality for youtube.
  4. On my iPhone it looks good enough for YouTube work. I could list ways it would have been improved by better equipment and preprocessing, but for these purposes it doesn’t matter. Most people don’t expect perfection on YouTube and small screens.
  5. I agree with @Ed_Ingold that the video looks good.

    Your video sensitivity and skills are a million miles ahead of mine (an occasional DSLR video edited in Cyberlink PowerDirector)!

    Anyway, I looked at this video and compared it to 3 others in your YouTube videos: 'Glenorchy New Zealand', ''FREE Hot Water Beach in New Zealand North Island!' and 'New Zealand Racing Events - Pro Level Karting NZ' They are different situations and different videos. But I recognize your personal editing style in the first two. Generally, I didn't notice any great difference in quality between them. This is especially true for close-up shots and fast-motion clips. From experience, I know that YouTube is a great leveler in terms of video quality! From what I read, the S10 can handle up to 60 fps. Youtube too. So as as long as you stay within the Youtube size limits, you're good to go. You may well need less than 60 fps (for example 30 fps) so that you can upload longer videos.

    I agree with @Ed_Ingold that the video looks good and that - ideally - 'the work' determines which tools you use. I'm absolutely sure that you understand this too and that you are more than competent to select the right tools for the job: video camera, video camera + G10 or just G10.It depends on the situation and on the shots and editing you have in mind.

    Just 3 examples:
    - In the Glenorchy New Zealand video, I loved the great depth of field (sharp background) and the low-light shots
    - In the FREE Hot Water Beach video, I loved the subtlety of the water movements (don't know what the frame rate was)
    - in the New Zealand Racing Events - Pro Level Karting NZ video, I loved the fluid motion of the 'karters'. AgaIn, no idea what the original frame rate was.

    I just wonder how these videos might have als been taken with the S10. You're much better qualified to asses that than I am.

    The thing is, you're the very best person to compare any differences and draw any conclusions, depending what your goals is. As @Ed_Ingold says most people won't notice a difference on YouTube. If your YouTube channel is one of your 'marketing outlets' then IMHO, you should ensure that your video quality is a,s good as YoutTube allows. And - without too much restriction - you have the 'tools' available to capture the shots that you might later need.

    I repeat that I have very little experience with video.


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