left hand grip adapter for 645 pro

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  1. just bought a grip for my 645 pro. do these things require some kind of
    adapter to connect to the body, i looked at a new one on the bay and it didnt
    look like it had an adapter either, it was new in the box. if this dont have
    one where can i get one, any help would be appreciated
  2. Remove the film advance lever and and it should attach in it's place.
    There's a little spring loaded catch to release.
  3. If you bought the GL 401 left hand grip new, then the RA401 adapter should have been
    included. If not, then just do a search for mamiya ra 401, and you will find different sources
    where you could buy it from. You obviously need to connect the grip to the body if you want
    to use the grip trigger switch.
  4. i just found one on b&h, i also found out i bought the 402 grip for the tl,, when i read the add i thought it meant for the pro or tl. anyway i read on b&h and it said that if i use the regular 645 pro i dont need an adaptor. is that true?
  5. What the B&H description mean is that if you have the GL402, you can use the RA 402 with
    the PRO, you don't need to buy the RA 401 instead. But you definitely need either the RA 401
    or RA 402 to make the electrical connection between the grip and camera body.
  6. can i use the either of them with my pro? 401 or 402?
  7. RA 401 or 402 I mean
  8. I know this is an old post, but since no one responded to the last question, and since I was looking it up anyway, I thought I'd share my findings.

    The LG401 (which includes the RA401) was designed for the Pro. To use LG401 with a Pro TL, you will need to use a RA402 instead of the RA401.

    The LG402 (which includes the RA402) was designed for the Pro TL. To use LG402 with a Pro, you may use the LG402 (backward compatible.)
    The Notes of the product descriptions at the links above provided the needed clues.

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