Leather case for R7??????

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by sonny_chastant, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. There seems to be a real issue trying to find a case to fit the R7....they are like hen's teeth to find. The cases that are available, like for the R6, etc. are too small to fit the R7. Question: Since the SL/SL2 are larger, would one of these cases fit? Thanks, Sonny in Louisiana
  2. PS...I really dont want to spend the dollars for a Lugi case, though nice.
  3. Sonny, It will probably fit but it will be like a size 8 foot in a size 12 shoe!
    The only difference that I'm aware of between the R7 and R6 for case purposes, is a slight height increase with the former. I'm sure that you could find used one at a camera store or on ebay.
  4. The SL/SL2 cameras (even these cases are not intended to be interchangeable – the SL is thicker from front to back compared to the SL2) are completely different animals. Although I have never tried it, I would expect there would be too much room on the sides - and I suspect the tripod hole will not line up properly.

    If you want a R7 case, keep your eyes open (particularly on eBay) - one will pop up sooner or later.
  5. Bill's correct; the "mirror release/aperture illumination switch molding" of the R7 obstructs the slide down on to the securing tripod socket 1/4 inch bolt of the SL / SL2 case. Besides not being able to be secured, there's too much room in the bottom half.
  6. Get a Lowepro case
  7. Bill Blackwell wrote: "... the SL is thicker from front to back compared to the SL2 ..."
    Nope, same thickness. The SL2 is thicker at the ends so it's a flatter shape.
  8. Approximately 38mm max thickness for both body chassis. As you can see from the image, there's more curvature to the Leicaflex SL form.
    LOA is 145mm on both models.
    SL2 cases will accommodate both models, but SL cases will only take an SL camera body...
  9. Doug: Very interesting. I have owned both, but never at the same time. It was always my assumption the SL was 'fatter' compared to the SL2. As always, your reservoir of knowledge on the R system is very much appreciated. I stand corrected.
    Thanks for posting the pics, Gus.

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