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  1. In a departure from the usual post comes this article in the August 1953 issue of Popular Photography magazine. It is by a young photographer named Margery Lewis.

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  2. Bruce Downes' receives orchids and brickbats.

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  3. Here is this month's Tools & Techniques column.

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  4. How to prevent excessive negative contrast? Use a water bath as part of the developing process.

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  5. Here are differing approaches from two different photographers. This is from Modern Photography.

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  6. Arthur Kramer gives tips on using a 35mm camera outdoors.

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  7. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

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  8. Here are this month's dealer ads.

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  9. Thanks a gazillion....
  10. Had to book mark !!!!
  11. What’s a fantastic resource, thanks very much!
  12. A nice look back. The water bath technique is useful even today. I've used it to reduce contrast when rating film 2 or 3 stops above box speed. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I had no idea that polarizers were at one time known as Polaroid filters. It's curious that the name faded away, unlike Kleenex, Xerox, etc.

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