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Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by remzi_gumus, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. I recently moved up to MF with an RZ67, and I noticed that for around $600, a
    used digital back like the Cmost (6.6 MP) can be acquired. I scan my film, and I
    wanted a larger negative to scan from, but now I am also interested in seeing
    what the image quality is like from one of these older digital backs. If we
    forget about the megapixel issue, and they claim you can get up to 20x24 prints
    out of the images, and a full frame 24x36 (for35) sensor and 14 bit image
    processing (like the new Canon 40d) is it really worth trying one of these out?
    I tried to find some image samples, but to no avail. Any thoughts will be
    greatly appreciated.
  2. Way back when when i was a studio rat....we beta tested the cmost and we also tested the production model.

    Im sorry to say i cant say anything good about it. At all.
    Because of the way leaf designed the cmos sensor, the files were very soft. They looked like a softar was on the lens.

    It was a very short lived digi back. No one i know that bought one liked it. They have since sold them.

    IIRC, we also overheated the beta back. We never ran the same test on the production one so i dont know if they fixed it..
    Sensor bloom was also a problem.

    Getting a 20x24 out of the cmost is possible but you get what you pay for. They wont be very sharp. Although it might be
    nice for portraits.

    Although $600 is a good deal. It would be a cheap alternative to a polaroid. Since there is no more polaroid. Only Fuji.
    BTW, where did you see it for $600?

  3. I was curious about the quality of the HDR file that I could get from the sensor. So, its soft like a soft focus lens? I saw it listed at a camera exchange type place. I know its an old cmos sensor, and modern sensors are probably going to be better? But, I guess I do not know It until I can really compare. Thinking this was selling for around 10k or so back then....
  4. When we tested the cmost, the files were just too soft for us.

    It looked like there was a soft focus filter on the lens. In reality they chose a heavy anti aliasing filter for the sensor.

    I dont think it can be removed. The cmost also had a bad moire problem iirc.

    It was a while ago so i dont have any HDR files but the processing doesn't do anything for the softness.

    I also remmeber that the cmost was around $18k i think. Not cheap but half the price of the cantare and volare.
    At the time of coarse.

    See if you can shoot something in the store. As i said, if you shoot allot of portraits, this might be a great back.

  5. just out of curiosity, what software are you going to use with this back, would Capture work on this back? I am asking as I see on my local camera second hand store has one for sell, a bit pricer then $600, but still... I shoot mostly portrait with the CM500, would be great if i could go digital with this.


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