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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by michael_bradtke, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. I finally had to replace my 21 inch Lacie CRT this past week as it would no longer calibrate. After surfing this forum I decided to purchase a Dell U2410 and as of right now I am not so sure it was the right way to go.
    I am running a PC with windows 7 and a dual monitor set up consisting of the Dell and a Mitsu Diamond point CRT. I calibrate with an i1display2 and everything looks great.
    Now here is the problem after calibration when I fire up my system after it has been off overnight the Dell looks bad compared to the Mitsu. The colors are fine but it is now obviously darker to the eye. If I recalibrate the monitor it show a cdm of around 85 when it was 120 when I shut it down the night before.
    While its not a life threatening problem it is going to get old fast if I have to calibrate every time I start to work.
    Is this normal or am I just missing something here?
  2. Two questions: Are you letting it warm up enough? and 2ndly, I've read that Windows with dual monitors won't always load the settings for one or both of the monitors, depending on video card, drivers etc in use, so is it always reverting?
    good luck jeffl
  3. Thanks Jeff
    Warm up enough when? Before calibration I let the system run for at least an hour. I have been running dual monitors since 2005 first with XP64 and now with Win7. Different drivers and different video cards and I have never had this problem before.
  4. Have you tried hibernating the machine instead of shutting it down?
  5. Matt
    I have not tried that and maybe it's because hibernation used to be very problematical with windows.
    I do not power off the monitor it goes into power save mode when I shut down the computer.
  6. I just recalibrated and at the start the cd/m2 was 111.3 when it is supposed to be 120.
    Windows is seeing the profiles for the two monitors and as far as I can tell it is using them.
  7. LCD monitors typically require time to stabilize and for the back illumination to reach set brightness level and color temperature. This is usually not a problem with LED backlit monitors. One of my monitors is the 2410 in a dual monitor setup on a Mac Pro. It takes about 5-10 minutes for it to reach proper calibrated setting.
  8. Thanks Charles
    So if I understand what you are saying is that this is just the nature of the beast
  9. Send the unit back. Its backlight is fluorescent so it shouldn't take 5-10 minutes to return to original brightness. I've calibrated and profiled a $100 Xerox LCD, a Dell 2007wfp LCD, a Samsung LCD, my 11 year old laptop, a 2004 G5 iMac and now my $300 Dell 2209WA and not one of them required a warmup period to achieve proper brightness level.
    No one else using the Dell U2410 ever posted having this problem, either, so it might point to a manufacturing defect.
  10. Michael, I would question that display if it can't hold calibration overnight. If you can swing an LED backlit display you won't regret it.
  11. Well I checked on the Dell web site and down loaded the newest driver for it. Lets see if that helps.
  12. My fluorescent-backlit NEC takes a while to warm up but does eventually get there. It starts off looking dull and dingy. I turn it on and do non critical tasks like checking email for 10 min or so until it stabilizes.

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