LBA/CBA challenge reaches 7/15/2008

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  1. Our challenge finally reaches the three month milestones from 4/16/2008 with no new purchase of lens/cameras for 3 months. And we have reached this milestone today. Some of the milestones and threads in my blog post "LBA/CBA -- Sienfield Style" and recap of milestone threads

    Since the ban is effectively lifted today, it is a shame that I can't decide yet what is the 1st lens that I can go out and purchase without guilt. I spend my most efforts in the 3 months for planning for trimming

    Hin's Lens Planning

    I think the challenge is both good and bad. Three months is a bit too long for me that I get annoyed in the 2nd half of the challenge. I almost caved in last week in seeing some Vivitar Series 1 lens in ebay and I am glad that I stick it to the end without new lens purchase.

    Yes, I did it!
  2. I have been pretty good myself. Since my last purchase of the Sigma 500 F/4.5, I have not bought a single lens....I think I might be over my LBA according to my wife who took the check book away from me...
  3. I had forgotten that today was the big day Hin. But the idea made a big difference in my habits. I didn't make it to the end but the restraint was worth it. I just couldn't resist a Sigma 24mm f2.8 AF Super-wide II for a mere $24.00 (net) in near mint condition. Gotta love those auctions with poor titles and little gems buried in the skimpy picture.

    But that's been it for 3 months. It's been a good time getting re acquainted with each lens I own and selling off the ones I know I'll barely use. So in total I pocketed a fair chunk of change and really know that I don't need anything else to take a better picture.

    Humm I wonder if anyone wants to part with an FA*600 for $200.00? ;)
  4. Well, I too, survived - and, looked at CL photo section today, and didn't want anything ... hence - I may have truly mastered the urge to buy more glass.

    I'm satisfied with what I have. right now, yes, there are lenses still unbought - and so what? Do I need them? I survived without them for all these months - yes, they're all nice to-haves - but not all that important on the 'must have' scale.

    I probably won't buy anything for a while, still - funny - now that the hiatus is over - I don't feel the urge to shop. At least not for camera fixings. :)
  5. I survived about 2.5 months but then there was this ad for K10D.....

    Anyway, I purchased it so I lost the challenge :-(
  6. Well done guys! We're proud of you! Now we need a Lens Buying Spree thread, how about that?

    Hin, make your mind up, man! If you can't, then let me help you: DA* 50-135mm. You know you want it for your kid portraits... :)

    As for me, much like Javier, I have not bought a lens since I bought my last lens. Never have truer words been spoken Javier, and I applaud your wit. I also wish to congratulate your kids, who thanks to mummy's intervention, may one day be able to go to college.

    Peter...what can I say that's insulting and funny at the same time, and which includes the words "super-wide", "$24" and "%#@*&#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...? When I think of something, I'll PM you.

    Rose, it's true, you don't need anymore glass; it would just distract you from your main goal, which is to recover that lost canister. Less photographing and more posting is what you need, young lady!
  7. Congratulations, guys! All I can say is that there *were* some lenses I *didn't* buy.
  8. At this rate, I'm going to have no canisters by next week - and this is with me posting and posting and posting... I tell you - if I go down to zip - I'm just not going to try to build it back up... It's an impossible feat - especially with me posting A LOT... And I just don't get it - how Godfrey can have 2 canisters and he posts so little in comparison. I think you all with the more cans must be bribing people. Otherwise, it just makes NO sense.
  9. Give me a can, somebody - and I'll give ya a Cat. :)
  10. Actually the rules changed, Rose--cannisters are awarded on the basis of lens purchases.
  11. Mis, when I'm having a rough day (editing 3 weddings all due for delivery and I need to find a better way), all I need is to read some of your dry wit. "haven't bought a lens since my last lens". Love that and I'll have to try that on my wife! It won't work, but I'll get some satisfaction for being a smart ass.

    Yeah Super wide is clearly a joke now but this lens seems close to equal to any limiteds I've owned even if the exterior cosmetics are crap.

    I started the feeding frenzy today (just after the post above which now seems quite foolish). Another mis labeled auction. I have a 1000mm f10 Meade Schmidt modified with K mount coming now along with 8 other Pentax and 3rd party K mount lenses. Big lot of stuff labeled "Camera gear". One bidder and don't ask or I'll get flamed off the board.

    So ignore anything I said above. LBA struck again.
  12. Well, since I bought just one new thing in over a year, I just went ahead and treated myself to a new camera body, battery grip, new kit lens II, and a DA* 50-135mm lens. See my new post. Price deal got me moving!!
  13. Hi Peter,
    got the Pentax *istD body I was asking about today with only 1200 photos taken in like new condition and will soon post the
    first TTL flash photos!
    I'm really happy today.... and will travel to the Swiss mountains tomorrow with my new second camera body.
  14. Dave, I know it can't be that. IF you want to compare the amount of cameras and lenses I have in my desk drawer - I should have 5 canisters - not one...

    Take into account - I buy, use, upgrade, but never sell... I have more than 10 cameras with multiple lenses spread through my apartment, in a drawer here, or there, or on the top shelf of a bookcase.

    NO, Dave, you won't fool me on that one. I know it's bribery. must be.
  15. Peter, I'm glad I can make you (someone!) smile (I am available for children's parties and funerals, by the way). However, I wish I could have come up with that "since the last lens" quip, but I didn't. I was inspired to slightly modify Javier's post where he wrote "Since my last purchase of the Sigma 500 F/4.5, I have not bought a single lens...". I'm still not sure whether he realised how funny he was :)

    As for the Super-Wide II, I have a manual focus version that's a bit BGN on the outside, but delivers great pics on the inside (see here, here and here for some examples). I love its close-focus capability, but bizarrely, it front-focusses a bit on the K10D, but that's beside the point. I do want to get an AF version though, but don't want to pay $125-175. In fact, $25 sounds like just the right price :)

    As for that 1000mm f/10, you're lucky for two reasons: 1) You got it cheap, and 2) I didn't bid for it :) Yep, I was watching it all week and went back and forth on whether I should go for it or not. When I found out that I might be on the streets, begging come February, I decided against it. Glad you got it, and I hope you can post some pics soon.

    We really need some system whereby we can avoid bidding against each other...
  16. Reminiscent of the new Incredible Hulk movie:
    (Just snatched one of those bargain-priced Sigma 24-60 EX f/2.8 from Amazon/Cameta)
  17. Rose, don't get caught up the the number of cannisters. If it make you feel better, I will ask mine to be zero. I am guessing the canister may have to do on number of threads you started instead of number of posts you have. Just a wild guess.

    Recaps of what works and what stinks for me in LBA/CBA:
    • ebay watchlist is the culpit of everything for me in ebay, once I have something on watch list, I get tempted from my original plan
    • worse is to see a deal too good to pass up and I end up with lens overlapping. Once I get lucky with a deal, I usually want to repeat -- it is like winning in gambling
    • having a plan written down works well for me, especially if I have lens replacement scheme of matching new with old to trim
    • selling unused gear is extremely difficult but satisfying when it is finally done
    Other thoughts in gear

    • find ways to fund purchase of new gear, have to work to earn it
    • don't spend what you have not earned yet -- from my dear Mis
    • microstock photograhpy?
    • blogging like my blog, hardly earned nickels and dimes from ads

    Ideas welcome to fund our hobby
  18. Hin - gear thoughts...

    ways to fund...

    birthdays. holidays. begging (the wife not the neighbors). :) - or put aside your coffee money (by giving up caffeine) and splurge once you save up enough.
  19. Hin - gear thoughts...

    ways to fund...

    birthdays. holidays. begging (the wife not the neighbors). :) - or put aside your coffee money (by giving up caffeine) and splurge once you save up enough.
  20. Wow! I posted twice ... crazy how that happened. (sorry guys)
  21. I forget to mention that I try out sell-1-buy1 or sell2-buy1 in the planning to fund new gear. The similar idea
    like lens rental shared by Mis, Andrew and perhaps others in trying out a new lens. The caveat is that it is
    very easy to buy a new lens as compared to selling one's gear at a discount -- and it hurts.
  22. I think you'll like that lens, Andrew.
  23. Markus, Great I'm sure you'll love the camera. Mine has been a real workhorse and in some ways I like it more than my other 2 DSLR's. Even better my wife spotted it the other day and said it was about her size and might like to go shooting with me sometime soon. She's been listening to my blather too much and is showing some interest.

    Mis you're right. We need to set up a group email thing and say this is what's on the watch list.. I remember seeing the "Welcome back" shot and think I commented on how great it is. Now I know what lens. I think they are the same lens with just the AF added to the later model. Very nice glass.

    Sounds great Micheal. You don't do things in a small way now do you? Great kit and with all your other stuff, the closet must be getting full.

    I here that's a great lens Andrew and I look forward to some results from it.
  24. Peter, group e-mail sounds like a good idea. Let's set it up!

    Yep, the Super-Wide II is only one optical recipe, MF or AF is only the parsley on top.
  25. Challenge is over! Now I can go on a shopping spree and not feel as guilty... Where's the nearest ATM around here??? ;-)
  26. Mis, Maybe we should somehow. would facebook be the right spot for that or just everyone share emails that want to notify others of the stuff we have our eye on? I'll send you my email address and maybe others can do the same. Once you have a bunch just do a group email out to all and we'll have each others addresses.
  27. The easiest is to setup a private yahoo group and invite members here to join. I manage a couple of yahoo groups and I have the moderator experience, but it is still some work to set it up so that no spamming from outsiders. Please suggest a name for the groups -- something and I have to find if the group name exist or not.

  28. Ok, I am faster than the reply. A yahoo group is formed, if anyone is interested in using a common email to broadcast deals and others, please visit

    and request subscription and I am currently the owner and moderator. The email to send will be
  29. Markus, Congrats!! Glad to learn you got that steal of a deal on that delightful, extra-fine little camera!!! It is an especially fine RAW shooter. Accurate, beautiful image quality. A pleasure to carry, handle, and use. Looking forward to getting feedback of your impressions after using it. Justin has said, even with his other fine newer equipment, he still uses his *ist-D very often.
  30. At 8:29pm Hin wrote: "but it is still some work to set it up"

    At 8:38pm Hin wrote: "A yahoo group is formed"

    When *I* say "it takes some work to set up", I mean "I'll get around to it next week and it should be set up by Christmas".

    Hin, I salute your work ethic.

    Oh, and thanks! I'll head over and join right now.
  31. You put a photo of your German lens up. Cool!
  32. Mis, thanks for the kind words. Hope others can join too? You can join by sending an email to

    and mention about your name from I think I recognize most people. Besides email subscription, you can visit the home page and find 'Join Group' button on the home page

    If you happen to have an yahoo login id, you can join both the email and the web page. And if you have an external non-yahoo email, your email will be included in the distribution list.

    More ideas can be entertained in the group such as a private discussion to bid DOWN a deal or gang up to do the Pentaxian love in not bidding. The group has a local place to share files, a decent place to share information WITHOUT search engine due to private access.
  33. I only have a handful of email, I sent invite to Rose, Peter, Andrew and Matthew. I hope more will join with 2 methods:

    1. Visit group home page

    2. Send email to

    When you join, please specify your full name and do mention about members.
  34. I mean email with address:
  35. Ok, I find the code to join the group. If you want to be part of the mailing list, click to join below.

    Click to join pentaxian
  36. Wow - I joined this morning, before coming here ... (saw the invite in my email) - I didn't know the purpose of the group - but, being it was called pentaxian - it seemed to be about something we do here - and besides - Hin has never steered me wrong. :)

    So, I gather that the purpose of our new group is to tell each other we've got new lenses, or are shopping lenses? I'm still trying to not buy anything yet - I'm recovering from the shopping spree I just finished last week, for a new tv and a ps3 to watch blu-ray... (I set up the PS3 last night, and I have a feeling that it will become an addiction... I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica on it - OH boy! what a difference Blu-Ray makes even on the non blu disks.)

    Anyway - I'm still debating what the next purchase will be. I know that the 77mm will be my next logical lens - I have the enough in the mid-range (21, 35, 43, 50) - while I would like the 31mm - it doesn't make much sense - already having the 35. - and didn't I say recently that I never get rid of anything?

    But too - I also would like to buy that Hasselblad 503 c/m ... medium format rocks. :)

    Neither of those two things will happen until at least august though.

    But, that's just thoughts I'm kicking around in my head.
  37. Rose, if (when!) you buy new lenses (you know you will), you should post about them here, that's what our little corner (basement?) of p-net is for. The Yahoo group should be a place to post equipment findings (deals) on eBay/Craigslist that might be of interest to fellow Pentaxians. It would also help us not bid against each other if, when finding something we want, we post and lay claim to it (so to speak). Hin, Peter and I think this is best not done on a public forum, hence the private group.

    So you're going for a Hurlablad? I'm too lazy to look for it; any links?
  38. I've only started really looking, recently - they sell some on Keh's ... but if you look, you may end up wanting one... :)
  39. this is the article that got me interested...
  40. As for the Yahoo group, I'll post anything I'm hunting or bidding on. I got Hin's invitation and I'm also going to use it to send anyone there a group email if I have some stuff to sell. I'm always coming across stuff but getting very tired of the costs of Ebay. The prices are inflated on lots of stuff but between the 2 exchange rate hits, Paypal fees (which are also charged on the shipping for Chr*st sakes!) and the Ebay final value and listing fees. The seller is not making those big profits that often.

    So I'll group email you guys first when I have something. There could be a couple of treats shortly.
  41. Thank you Peter. Now we have nine members and I hope some of the frequent members can join. I have setup the bookmarks in 'Links', here is a screen capture of bookmarks.


    You can join through two methods stated above.
    There are also many other features such as Calender notification on group event, bid event (if you like to use it that way), file sharing and simple database tables like a spreadsheet to share within the group. I still remember the time share idea from Tom Maher on sharing unused gear from last month.

  42. Well I gave it a try but got snarled in some technical yahoo complication. No problem really--my lba has pretty much exhausted itself: I'm waiting on the Sigma 70-200 and won't be able to afford the BIG lens (which will enable us to count that woodpecker's nose hairs) any time soon. My main purpose was to confirm what you already know: that I'll be selling the k10d when the k20d arrives. Anyone who's interested should drop me an e-mail.

    On the subject of e-mail, however, I did discover some messages from some of you in my yahoo spam account and have responded (belatedly) from my 'real' one.
  43. Dave, I posted something there on a similar lens available right now. If you can't get on Yahoo, email me from
    here. Might be worth the time.
  44. Dave, if you have a yahoo id for email, it should be simple to join the group. I am going to send you a private message in and hope you reply me with your yahoo id and I will send an invite to you. The group is becoming interesting with various great finds from Peter. Be warned of LBA tempting thoughts with good deals. We have 9 members so far, and if you have an yahoo id, you can check out the web page in
    Some features & updates:

    • Pentax red color in home page with a Pentax camera photo -- can be changed upon your request
    • Link (or Bookmark) Folders for lens research, photography learning, money making, post processing
    • Individual Email setting can be changed: normal, daily digest, no email, notice only
    • Each member can change their own email, add links, photos, setup Calendar for notification
    • Email to send:, very easy to remember
    • A photo/file area that all members can use to share within the group
    • Hope more of you can join
  45. Yeah!!!! We have Dave on board. I am very happy to see Dave. This yahoo group allows you to opt for "no email" if you are concerned on too much email filling up your inbox. I will likely start a new thread to open up the invitation to other members interested in discussing ebay/marketplace items and become a closer group of members who can feel freely in ebay discussions which may not be appropriate in this forum.
  46. I was in for Pentax....except for the 28mm 2.0 that was a dud that needed repair.

    But the Nikon end saw me $1500 in the hole, and another $1000 by the end of next month!!!!

    Basically Hin, I am an addict!!! No I'm not, I can stop whenever I want...(isnt that what all addicts say)!!

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