Layover at CDG, Paris

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  1. Hanging out at Charles De Gaulle airport coming home frome Greece...
    iphone 13 pro max







  2. Stop over in Paris
  3. Not quite a layover.

    In March 1989 I was returning from a ski vacation in France and Switzerland. I had taken the trains from St Moritz to Paris the night before and was waiting for my flight from Paris to Toronto and then on to San Francisco. All of a sudden, these three French Police officers raced in laden with equipment which they began to unpack and dress one of their number in a bomb disposal suit. It seems someone had abandoned a package near the gate of a Middle Eastern Airline. I, of course, decided it was the perfect time to grab a few candid pictures with my trusty Nikon FTn loaded with Kodak Gold 100 and, of course no flash. The French Police disagreed and shook a stern finger at me. I smiled and pointed to the nearby pretty gate agent and got a nod. So, I snapped a picture of her.

    I noticed the spool of wire that they had unloaded and a box for firing electrical blasting caps. Oh, they intend to "blow it in place". At that point I decided to put a good solid wall between me and them. A few minutes later there was a loud sound of a police whistle followed by a BANG. When I returned, there were small pieces of the cardboard package and its contents of books and VCR tapes scattered about. An interesting end to my European vacation.

    Camera: Nikon FTn, Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 (manual focus of course), Film: Kodak Gold 100. Scanner: Nikon CoolScan V.

    I am quite happy with the results taken indoors under mixed lighting and the fact the negatives are over 30-years old.

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