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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by ajhingel, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Would it not be possible to modified the setup of the new Abstract Photography forum so that it is presented on the screen in the same way as other forums (ex Nature forum, Philosophy forum etc).
    Two points:
    1. Change the chronology used for the list of threats (Questions) so that the newest is shown on top and not at the bottom of the list, as now.
    2. Keep older threats in the list which is shown instead of eliminating threats which are more than ten days old.
    Concerned the last point, presently only threats which have been introduced after the 20th of November are shown. In other forums we see lists of threats going back to last June !
    Thanks beforehand
  2. +1 to Anders suggestions. As stands, the layout is at best confusing.
  3. The new forums (Landscape, Abstract, Macro, Drone) have this layout, which is inconsistent from all other forums. There have been a few requests to remedy the situation, but to date have gone unheeded.
    Please, can we have consistency across forums?
  4. +1 to Gordon's and Laura's comments.
  5. This obviously looks like a demand too difficult to handle for the administration.
    Or, is it just due a prolonged Thanksgiving leave, that explains why no-one seems to be there to offer an answer ?
  6. G-P

    G-P Administrator Staff Member

    all should be fixed - let us know if you have any other requests
  7. I just stopped by Abstract and noticed the change/fix. It looks like the Macro Forum has yet to change, but maybe that's in the works. Thanks, it's all appreciated.
  8. Fine Glenn, I see that the changes have been made. A great thanks.
    As Laura, there are others with the same problem: Landscape Photography, for example
  9. Looks like all the new forums are in line with the others. Thanks folks.

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