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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by adam_geraldi, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I made a shopify as they're doing a build a business contest figured no time better than now to finally get a site up for my nonclient work. Looking for feedback on the site and pricing. The prices are inline with my costs as I'm trying to make this full time work. Websites
  2. Ditch "About Us" unless you have a partner or a mouse in your pocket. The About page correctly uses the first person singular pronoun "I"
    Do your customers already know where you are located, because you site gives no clue.
  3. Missed the "As a Montreal photographer" which by the way would sound better as "A photographer based in Montreal" or "As a Montreal-based photographer"
    Nice photos, by the way
  4. it


    Nice shots, but my personal preference is for one large image, or set of images, on the landing page for initial impact. I would reconsider all the text.
  5. Montreal photographer was my way of being clever as most of the shots are of Montreal. And the text on the side is because of gallery shows I'm going to start doing cocurrently with the site. Have the full description of each shot on the side rather than have it on the wall.
    Good stuff to keep in mind though. Thanks :D
  6. I will agree with Ian you need to have one large Image in the background or slider that displays your work.
  7. Looks more professional than most. Looks pretty decent!

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