Launched my Website. How did I do?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by andriapearce, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Hello all!
    Im new to, as well as the business side of photography. I just recently launched my website, and am interested in, and need, your feedback. What Im trying to achieve is for this site to reflect my style, and look professional. I want people to want to look at my photographs.
    Thank you for any comments!
  2. My first reaction is that is seems really slow, and I'm on a fast connection. I expect pictures to load instantly.
  3. Thanks for sharing. The only small problems I found are one, once inside the sub pages there is no way to get to the home page and navigate to between the gallery and the blog, and two, the blog open a new Web pages than simply opening it in the same window. Just small irritations, but otherwise cool. Good luck.
  4. Eric, I noticed that too. I am using Wix as a host, and from what I read on their forums, there are ways to get the pictures to load faster if I use a smaller file. I like they way the larger, high res photos look though. I will see if I can fix this. Its still all new to me, and I have been learning as I go. Thank you!
    Scott, I will add a link to the blog inside the main site. Should I also add a link to return to the Intro page? Or would just the link to the blog be good enough? I thought that opening the blog in a new window would be easier for viewers if they wanted to close the blog and return to the main site. If this is an annoying feature then I will change it. Thanks for your input.
  5. Other than the area code of your phone number on the contact page, I find no clue as to where you are located.
  6. Thank you, Charles. Will be adding that in asap!
  7. Andria, it generally pays to have the home page link everywhere or else the user has to reload the flash Web page which cycles back to the home page. Not surprisingly, one of the first things a viewer looks for is the navigation to know how to get around it, which is before they even really begin to look at the page content. Without the link the user has to decipher how to get to the home page once inside the other Web pages. A small thing, and your choice.
  8. I like your site design. It's uncomplicated, straight forward and delivers your message out-right and upfront. I like that.
    And now some points I want to mention:
    1. Realizing that this is a flash-based site I expected to wait a bit longer than I actually had to for the whole thing to load-up. So that's not bad at all. But if I had not had a fairly powerful machine and a fast broadband connection, I might have not fared as well. Some people offer a 'html version' as an alternative to the flash.
    2. Yes, I found the lack of a link to get back to 'home' slightly disconcerting. I found myself clicking on your (well designed) logo atop, seeing if that would work. If you make your logo a clickable link to get back to 'base', you might not have to make any major design changes.
    3. My other point is about the font type/face you are using as page/tab links. It looks as if it is watered down in opacity or something. Perhaps you could think about that a bit.
    4. Your font typeface is also giving you some odd typographical anomalies especillay with numbers:
    • Look at the odd spacing in your bottom byline 'All content and images copyright.....year 201 0'
    • Another place is the numbers used as in 'Print collections start at $13 0
    • ..and similarly the irregular hypen spaces in your contact telephone number..
    Now all you have to do now, is to find all the means to get your site easily found and seen by your target audience! Good Luck!
  9. Mike, thank you for your ideas! I love the clicking on the logo to get back to home page. I didnt want to add another link to the list, so this idea is perfect! Thank you.
    I did notice how strange the numbers were with that font. I like the font, but you're right. It looks odd. I will also go check the opacity on my links/tabs. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.
    Once I learn how to set up an html site, I will add that as an option site as well. Im hoping I can use the same host.
    Thanks again for all your help! I appreciate it very much!
  10. Its been very well thought out and put together is gives people exactly what they want but does not confuse. Put a link back to the blog so they can shift between pages...well done on the photos there great, I wish you all the best in the future Tony
    my website my photos p.s see if there is any links on my website that you can use there's to improve yours Tony :)
  11. I liked your site, although as others mentioned there is not any the home page link for each page.<br>
    The speed of changing images was alright.
  12. I enjoyed you site slide show was off a little at first, took a bit to load then shot through 3 photos real fast then everything worked great. What about having a section on your main site that shows your blog updates. Maybe as a drop down so the dont always have to see it. just an idea
    Good luck, I to decided to go pro this year Its a lot of hard work but you sure sem like your going in the right direction:)
  13. I would show a smaller file by default and have your visitors click on the photo to get a hi-res version -- just so that overall it loads faster.
  14. Andrea, it loaded up very nicely for me. And looks good / feels good!
  15. I did as Mike suggested, and linked the Home page to my logo and name. I like this idea because I dont have to add yet another link to the list at the bottom. Do you think this is enough on its own? Some might not think to click there ( like myself apparently) to get back to Home.
    Gerry, I have noticed at some times the speed of the slide show varies. Dont really know what would cause that. Im still a little unsure about the blog. I wanted to post news and a few photo teasers of client's sessions there, because its quick and easy vs posting it on the website. The less work for the viewers the better, in my opinion. So maybe having them have to visit my blog as well might not be such a great plan? The drop down menu is a good idea. I might try to play around with that and see what I can do. Thank you.
    Isabella, I have seen other websites that have that same concept to viewing their photos, but I didnt like it personally. I thought having fuller sized photos would make more of an impact. It does load slower though, but if its not too slow than I would love to keep it the way it is.
    Jim, thank you for the compliment. That makes me feel good!
    Thank you all for the advice. I came to the right place!
  16. Andria, I like the site. But the page is too wide. I have to scroll horizontally to see the full page unless I "maximize" my browser. I think you can afford to make your images smaller and not only will the full page be seen but the page will also load a little faster.
  17. Hi Andria, I really like your website and entry page, but I think your blog kind of detracts from the greatness around it. I just finished customizing my own free wordpress blog theme - I'd be more than happy to help you install it.... it's the same theme I use for my own photography blog.... check it out at and PM me if you want some help.. you already have wordpress so it would be easy peasy to change - you can also switch back to your original theme if you don't like it afterwards.

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