Latest with the E-M1 Mark II and 12-100mm f4 M. Zuiko

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Greg M, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. I think I'm finally set on power
    Total of 3 batteries + 2 chargers.
    So in a pinch I will be able to charge 2 batteries at the same time.

    Now waiting for Christmas, so that I can ask Santa for the 12-100 f/4 ;)
  2. BACK from vacation.

    I'm glad I took your advice.
    The battery in the E-M1 lasted about 4 hours under heavy use.
    Battery-1 went empty about 11am, battery-2 went empty about 4pm, and man was I glad to have a 3rd battery. And 2 chargers that night, and a few times later.
    The next day I brought a charger with me, so that I could charge the battery in the train.
    Both Rocky Mountaineer-Gold Leaf and AMTRAK roomette had an AC outlet for the charger.

    So 3 batteries + 2 chargers worked out just fine.
    A LONG day, away from AC power, may require a 4th battery.

    Now the HUGE task of editing down the pix to a manageable number.
    Due to the train motion, I shot a LOT of pix, expecting to have to edit out a lot of shots.

    I would have loved the 12-100.
    But by the last couple of days, I was so worn out that just the E-M1 + Panasonic 12-60 felt heavy.
    I'm going to have to look into the E-M10-mk2.
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  3. I picked up an EM10-mk2 + 14-42EZ on sale, at less than Olympus refurb price. :) The store was closing out its Olympus stock. I think they could not sell enough to meet the Olympus dealer requirement. So I got my "small" m4/3 camera and lens.
    That 14-42EZ is a "small" lens, I like it. But the power zoom takes getting used to. It is a little fiddly, as it works like the zoom on a P&S. I much prefer a smooth manual zoom.
    I took the EM10 + 14-42EZ out with us for dinner, and it was really nice how light and compact it was to carry. And I thought the EM1 + 12-60 was small and light, compared to my D7200 + 18-140.

    Man I am building this m4/3 system faster than I ever built a camera system before.
    And Christmas is around the corner, and hopefully my 12-100 f/4 :D
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  4. Congratulations Gary.
  5. Gary, looks like you are doing well. :) Have to say these camera equipment can be so tiny they can get lost.
  6. As much as I like the Nikon, as I've gotten older, the Olympus is so much easier to handle.

    I can't wait for Dec 25 :D
  7. A used 12-100 is on its way to me. yay. :)
    I will check it out, then have to put it under the Christmas tree.
    It is going to be torture to look at the box for a month. :(
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  8. The 12-100 is out from under the Christmas tree :)
    Now to start playing with it. :D
    I have a soccer game to shoot on the 29th. This is a day game, so it is a good test of the lens, in good light conditions, before I shoot a night game with it.
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  9. The 12-100 lens was great, the EM1 wasn't.

    Shooting soccer, the EVF of the EM1 in Sequential Low + Rec View off, showed the last frame for about 1/2 to 1 second. That was just enough time to block the action, so I could not see the moving player, and I lost track of the player. I had to wait for the EVF to go back to live view, then REacquire the player and track him. Very frustrating.

    I think I will go shoot something other than sports with it.
  10. Yes Mary, the EM1 worked just fine on my vacation in Canada. Just the sport that I used it in (soccer) found a weak link in the mk1. I was hoping to not have to upgrade to the EM1-mk2, at all. The plan was to concentrate on lenses and skip a generation (the mk2), and wait for the mk3 to come down in price, then get that.

    My fall back is to keep using my D7200 for sports.
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  11. I'm editing the soccer pix that I shot with the 12-100/4, and I am amazed at how deep I can crop the image and still see details in the image. :)
    Man using pro grade glass is a completely different world than the consumer grade glass that I normally use.
    I'm now convinced of the superiority of the pro glass, but the $$$$ cost and added weight/bulk is the hurdle.
  12. Happy New Year Mary and Greg
    Thanks for all your help as I build my Olympus kit.
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  13. Happy New Year to you too!

    Pretty soon you will get a good feel for what you need, or would like to have. Best of luck Gary!

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