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  1. I need to brush up my game in Lightroom. My colors and techniques are so version 4. I was thinking of getting the latest Martin Evening
    book, but thought I'd ask for favorites first. I'm looking for info on interesting color palettes, techniques for some of the modern looks, and
    how best to leverage the newest version. I do best with sources that tell why something works, not just paint by numbers. What has
    taught you best lately?
  2. Martin's book is great, also look at the video tutorials from George Jardine, formally of Adobe.
  3. Thanks for the Jardine link - looks promising
  4. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    The most recent Jardine post is a year ago and its for apologising for a two year old post on his Lightroom 5 videos being presented in Flash player? I couldn't find a single article on Lr 6 CC. Nice clean site but seems abandoned...

    The three most popular Lightroom video resource sites are
    And after all these years, I still really like
    Adobe Tv
    For bogs, I like
    Lightroom Queen
    Lightrom Killer Tips
  5. The most recent Jardine post is a year ago and its for apologising for a two year old post on his Lightroom 5 videos being presented in Flash player?​
    The date of the last video in no way dismisses these facts from Planet Earth:
    1. George worked for Adobe and was the LR Evangelist. Guy knows his stuff because he worked with the designers and engineers and is still 'in touch' with them as am I but not Eric.
    2. Nothing major has shown up in LR since V5 (it's progress has been rather slow of late**), certainly nothing major someone newer to LR needs to rush out and learn (face detection is still a mess, the new Merge To commands have been around elsewhere etc). Seems abandoned!
    3. You can still run Flash and having any content in Flash doesn't by itself dismiss the video's content expert perhaps on Planet Eric.
    4. I've viewed virtually every video George has produced, But has anyone on Planet Eric done so?
    I actually agree with Eric that Victoria's FAQ is a must have reference (and yes, I've owned every one she has ever published, as like George and myself but unlike Eric, all three of us are Adobe LR Beta testers).
    Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain -- and most fools do. -Dale Carnegie
  6. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    "Latest Lightroom learning sources"
    Latest. Andrew, you routinely miss key words in people questions. There's nothing "latest" about the site in your contribution. It's three years old, and now forgotten about.
    as like George and myself but unlike Eric, all three of us are Adobe LR Beta testers.​
    Oh whoopee. Anyone with an email address back in 2006 was a beta tester if they wanted, including myself. I still have my 1.1 install cd on the book shelf.
  7. After 2006, betas were invite only and while George and I have been invited to a non public pre-release (and still are)but Eric never
    was, telling about who has the chops for the job!
  8. EricM

    EricM Planet Eric

    It's easy for a savant to parrot words back into internet forums all day long. It's much more difficult to have a portfolio of photos from actually using it. Can we see yours?
  9. Poor, confused Eric.

    On Planet Earth, where the PhotoNet web site designers, servers and web site exist, members have portfolios of their images for others to view. Including me. On Planet Earth, our bio's have URLs to our web sites and on mine, you'll find additional examples of my work. ALL from LR. And BTW, I was using LR long before you got ahold of a public beta; I was an alpha tester!

    We've actually been over this in the past when I provided a client list* and asked you do the same but because you're probably embarrassed, you never did. Telling.

    On Planet Eric, I guess none of this exists hence, you have ask another silly question. Let me help you connect the dots with a URL to my web site since you may have severe difficulty finding my bio here on PhotoNet:

    I've got some web galleries there. All the images were processed raw through LR, all the galleries built in LR. You might be able to view them if they can be beamed up to the planet inside the unreality bubble you live on. If not, well you'll just have to ask others for assistance in beaming up facts to the planet of alternative facts known as Planet Eric.

    You forget or ignored this post last time you asked me about my photography, so I'll copy and paste it for you and hopefully, it will find it's way to your planet:

    I did ask for you to supply a client list awhile back and you didn't. I can only assume that's because either you don't have clients or the list isn't impressive.

    As to my chops, as a pro, when I was shooting in the competitive Los Angeles Market, here are the facts.

    Advertising, Annual Reports, Editoral, little jobs like that:
    Apple, Sony, GTE, Microsoft, Forbes Magazine, Smart and Final, Disney, the company that would later become Whole Foods. So yep, a lot of Fortune 500 companies.
    Street photography? No. Here's one (and a dear friend since the 80's):

    Sports: I was one of two photographers in the world who worked for 7 months for the LA Olympic Committee with full access to every venue to shoot during the 1984 summer games, and the Olympic Villages.

    Production stills: Well I did work for ABC shooting "The New Dataing Game" with then host Jeff MacGregor but no low budget Canadian films I'm afraid to say...

    One of us was on the board of a professional photography association (the APA) and one of us was accepted as a stock photographer by Tony Stone in the days not everyone with a camera was accepted and was paid $1 per shot like today! One of us is in the Creative Black book. One of us won a "Silver Quill" award for excellence in B&W Photography.

    I've been accused by Eric of being an armchair photographer. Despite the experience above, the one fellow who appears to be the armchair photographer, holding a Hasselblad; ("look, I'm a photograher, I have a Hasselblad") can be seen here:

    Truth be told, you're a good photographer and seem to have nice dogs. We have vast differences in our photographic chops and backgrounds! I was paid to make, not take pictures. I worked with art directors and stylists and assistance in a collaboration to create ads and annual reports (entire books) not have some film director and DP set up stuff and just recorded what transpired. To suggest as you have repeatedly, that I'm the "armchair photographer" and you've got more experience, doesn't wash based on the facts above. But facts haven't been your strong suite in these parts for a long time! Sorry.

    In terms of our experience and chops with digital imaging, well it's even more extreme!

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