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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by etphoto, May 14, 2015.

  1. Ok, kind of old news, maybe a month or so. I just found out Kubota Image Tools is requiring a $3 a month subscription to use their Dashboard software. The Dashboard is required to use the actions since you don't get the actions when you buy them. You only get to use the actions with the use of the Dashboard.
    I understand their requiring the use of the dashboard because they don't want to send you an action that can easily be copied and shared with your friends. However, forcing you to buy the subscription to use the actions you ALREADY own is bull. lol. That's like buying a car and right before getting the keys to the car getting informed "oh, sorry, you have to pay a monthly subscription to use the keys".
    According to their website they will send you actions you already have purchased (which is good). I emailed them and requested they send me my actions so I can avoid the dashboard. I'm curious, however, if you purchase future actions will you need the dashboard and hence, forced to buy the monthly subscriptions?
    They claim the "low" monthly subscription fee is to cover the cost of maintaining the Dashboard software. Again, I claim bull. I'm curious what the number of dashboard users are out there. World wide it has to be 10s of thousands. But, let's just say its only 10,000 dashboard users (I'm sure there are more). That's $360,000 a year to maintain a small piece of software. lol
    Just my little rant. I won't be using the Kubota's dashboard anymore. But love the actions I own and will use them. Wish I had bought more before this dashboard subscription thing came out.
  2. Like everybody else (Netflix, WWE, Adobe Cloud, Showit), Kobotka figured there's a consistent revenue stream when you sell subscriptions vs. a time-time purchase. It's about money. You don't really *make* money as a wedding photographer, you make money by selling actions to other wedding photographers, posing guides, lights and workshops.

    Like gold mining towns - the miners were there to do the actual hard work with no guarantee of ROI whereas the venues selling to the miners (smith, brothel etc.) were the ones making the guaranteed money.
  3. If the product isn't worth $3 a month don't get it.
  4. Well, as I stated in my original post, I'm not getting it.
    However, for the few that might be interested, according to an email I received from their customer support, they will send you the actions you purchase in the future if you request them. even though I probably won't be buying anything else from them that's good news for those that might.
  5. When the market falls...and you are not getting the price you want for weddings...why not sell to the unsuspecting.

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