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  1. Work performed by DAG. ...

  2. Full details - if anyone here is interested - are on RFF in the film-M forum.
    Here's another pic. ...
  3. What parts aren't original?
  4. It looks like an M3 with an M2 window and modern shutter speed dial. But what is the battery compartment for? Unless it's an M6 with M3 mechanical parts?
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    Just click bait. Tell the story or not.
  6. Reposted from RFF ...

    It's -
    * a classic M6 chassis;
    * M1 topcover modified with the internal frame counter window;
    * M6 rangefinder (all 6 framelines).

    All of the parts on top (counter window, shutter mechanism, shutter speed dial, hot shoe) are left over from the M6. There's no serial number on the rim of the shoe (that's a story I can't tell).

    I've done several of these "FrankenLeicas" and I have to admit this one is arguably most unique.
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  7. Bill, could you please share the RFF link here? I cannot locate it so far ! Thanks. Best, Jean-Marc.
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  9. This is one cool body. Love what you did. How many of those “parts” did you supply DAG vs what he had on-hand to bring it all together?

    About the only thing I personally would have done differently is add an M4/M6 type rewind mechanism and/or bypass a meter for a self-timer.
  10. I provided the working M6 classic, M1 topcover, and the non-serial numbered hot shoe. DAG provided the all-metal film advance lever, the additional flash sync outlet, and of course his time.

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