Latest available driver for Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II (v. 1.0.3?)

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  1. Hi folks,
    I am preparing to build a new Windows machine, and would like to download the latest available Windows drivers for my Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II.
    Minolta USA's legacy products support page in the USA only has version 1.0.2 driver for this scanner:
    Same for the European page:
    However, several people referred to version 1.0.3 having been available. Can anyone point me to it?
    P.S. I understand Silverfast maintains support for this model, at least for 32 bit MS OS's - does their software requite a Minolta driver at all? Are there tangible quality advantages for using Silverfast over Minolta's software?
  2. I don't know about Silverfast, buy Vuescan works wihout any need for a scanner's original driver.
  3. Hi,
    A few of us have been able to get Windows XP 64 bit to recognize this scanner. Do a search here - look for posts by Mendel Leisk and myself from last summer (July-Aug 2008). Briefly, install Vuescan Professional edition. Then install the Minolta software. Then plug in and turn on the scanner. (DO NOT plug in and install scanner before installing software.) Then see if you can get the Minolta software to recognize your scanner. If not, then try to get Vuescan to recognize your scanner. (That should be no problem.) Once that is done, then log out of Vuescan and log onto the Minolta software and try again to work your scanner with the Minolta software...It takes some doing but we have been able to use Windows XP 64 bit with the Minolta 5400 II. Now if you want to try this in Vista 64 bit - good luck and let us know how that goes. It might be a bit easier in Vista 32 bit...
    Good Luck and do a search here on - this topic comes up now and again.
  4. Hi,
    I have both the Dimage 5400 II and Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanners and neither of them have drivers for my new operating system - Vista 64. The solution is Vuescan for both. In fact, I installed Vuescan first and then installed the software for the Dimage and the Nikon. When asked for a driver, I pointed Vista to the Vuescan folder and presto both the Dimage and Nikon accepted the Vuescan drivers. So now I can use either the Vuescan, Dimage or Nikon inrerfaces for my scanning as suits the situation. Yes, I prchased Vuescan as it also helps with my Canon scanner by giving me a wider choice of dpi settings.
    Vuescan is excellent.
  5. Hi
    Version 1.1.5 is available here:
  6. I am also interested in the 64bit driver. I am getting a 5400II on top of my 5400 but...I do not like the VueScan interface... Is there a solution?
  7. I just installed Vista 64 and I intend to install Windows XP as a virtual machine** running under Vista. This will allow me to install and run legacy programs including the scanner's driver and application. I don't see why this wouldn't work. Has anyone tried it?
    ** For non-computer nerds, a virtual machine is basically an operating system within an operating system. The "host" operating system, like Vista 64 in my case, would run another OS, like XP 32 in my case, as a normal application window, but in that window, an entire virtual computer boots up and loads Windows XP. Maximize that window to full screen and it's as if you're on a completely separate XP machine.
  8. here is my update, i've been able to get it to work under an XP guest virtual machine using Virtualbox, but then I realized that trying to get the scanned files back to my host (vista 64) is a huge pain. But the GREAT NEWS is that I got it to work under VISTA 64 using the instructions here.
    By the way, I downloaded both vuescan and Silverfast (and ended up buying vuescan) but upon extremely close inspections at 100% scans i came to the conclusion that the original minolta software produced the cleanest images. Vuescan produced horrible digital artifacts (even in uncompressed TIFF files) and jaggedy lines and colors were a bit over saturated, while Silverfast came the closest to the original scans and were very clean but I found the interface confusing and difficult to use. I'm happy to be back "home" with the original software (v1.0.3)!

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