Late View Camera magazine?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by brian_vuillemenot, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    Have any of the View Camera subscribers out there not yet received
    their July/August issue? Mine has not yet made it to my mailbox, and
    I remember it being discussed on the forum last week. I called the
    magazine, but they really couldn't tell me much- they just said to
    call back in a couple weeks if I hadn't received it yet. Aren't
    magazines supposed to come out by the date on the magazine, if not
  2. Mine arrived in the mail (in upstate NY) yesterday.

    Magazines can control when the insert their product into the postal system. When the product comes out is sort of a gamble.
  3. It still isn't at Barnes & Noble yet.
  4. No luck at Borders either. However, a local (RI) photographer mentioned to me that he had already received his copy.
  5. Mine arrived yesterday
  6. I haven't received mine yet either. The latest issue always seems to arrive in my mailbox a week to ten days after others start mentioning something about the issue.
  7. Got mine late last week.
  8. Similar situation here in Colorado. No magazine yet. I am going to get one in Sante Fe later this week at the conference (if it is still a no show)and find out what they did different from previous mailings to cause such a disruption in deliveries as evidenced by this dialog. I am going to hold off blaming the Postal Service until I get the full story. There is nothing worse than lacking performance in a service industry.
  9. Just got mine today(Tuesday July 15) here in Northwestern Wisconsin.
    I too was wondering about it having also seen a pevious posting about the issue, but it is here in good condition.
  10. I'll bet all the mailmen, (sorry ladies) mail carriers are not yet finished admiring Chris Jordan's colorful pics that made it into this issue. :)

  11. I received mine today (in Madrid, Spain).
  12. Mine hasn't arrived here (in Canada) yet, along with my "secret code" so I can access the special parts of the View Camera website (anyone want to share theirs? I'm sick of emailing Simmonds every two motnhs for it... dumbest idea on the planet).

    I think my copy of View Camera must be travelling in tandem with the invoice payment for the last three months work I'm waiting for... :)
  13. Just bought the last issue a few hours ago at B&N. It has an excellent article about my favorite LF color photographer - Eliot Porter-
  14. Also Chris Jordan...AWESOME in My Eyes!!!Just picked up a copy at the B&N in Downtown Seattle.
  15. Bought my copy at Borders in Richmond, Va. last week. One of the better issues, in my opinion. Excellent portfolios, and an article on Butch Welsh and the very fine cameras he has built. I also bought a British magazine on Black and White photography. It is a very good magazine for those interested in black and white photography; illustrated printing techniques, and reader portfolios. Strong orientation to the amatuer and darkroom approaches. I had hoped that Photovision would have followed their format.
  16. I got mine about a week ago....Nice issue BTW.
  17. got mine last friday/ saturday .. ( Rhode Island )

  18. Mine just arrived today in Colorado. Mailing label is about a 5 or 6 font so it is bearly legible. Coralles,New Mexico is only 400 miles South of us. Can't figure out why it took so damn long.
  19. Just got mine today. Bulent Ozgoren - Istanbul - Turkey
  20. Finally got B&Ns only copy yesterday (Sarasota). The best issue in a long time.
  21. Would anybody be interested in sending/emailing/whatever, the table of contents for the last 6 issues? I'll pay postage. I wanted to read an article mentioned last summer to be in an 'upcoming' issue. I can't remember what is was about (so why do I want it?? <s>) and ViewCamera refuses to give me that info, saying I should subscribe. I said I want to buy 1 back issue from them and they essentially said, 'tough luck'. they used to be nice helpul people there. There's no directory of articles after 1999. Thanks!

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