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  1. Hey Gang,

    Anybody have the gouge on replacing the 512 GB SSD in a 2015 MacBook Pro with a 1 TB SSD? Apple and Simply Mac won't sell me the larger drive and the new Aura Pro X from OWC isn't as fast as the current Apple drive. Are there other options or is there somewhere to buy a real Apple 1 TB SSD for this machine?

    Many thanks,
  2. Genuine Apple drives do sometimes turn up on Ebay.

    The alternative is to find a friendly AASP who will order(and maybe/probably) install the 1TB drive for you. It should still be available through GSX(although I don't have access to check) and would be a simple matter to get.

    Truthfully, at least back when Simply Mac here in Louisville was MacAuthority, I don't think they'd have had a problem doing this. I haven't dealt with them since they became Simply Mac, but I'm surprised that they weren't willing. Did you ask them about installing the drive, or just about ordering a replacement for you to install? They might be more open to installing it.
  3. Thanks, Ben. I talked to Simply Mac on the phone and they said "no dice." Not sure why Apple makes it so difficult. Perhaps I'll pay them a visit in person. I wasn't aware of GSX until you mentioned, but they wouldn't let me sign in anyway. Not sure what AASP is, though.

    By the way, I purchased and installed a 1TB Aura Pro X SSD from OWC (MacSales) and then removed it a day later and sent it back for a refund. It was much, much slower than the Apple drive and ran much warmer too. My Apple SSD gives me 1700 MB/sec reads while the Aura Pro X only gave about 1000 MB/sec, even though OWC advertises up to 1300 MB/sec. The deck of my MacBook Pro was also uncomfortably warm. Too bad, because I've had good luck with other OWC SSDs that I've installed in other people's computers before I became a Mac user myself.
  4. Dave,

    AASP is short for "Apple Authorized Service Provider." Basically they're independent shops that have all the diagnostic tools, specialty tools, access to factory parts, and the official repair manuals for Apple products. Their technicians are also Apple trained. They can also do warranty repairs. Basically, they're a genius bar without having to go to the Apple store :} . At least the Louisville Simply Mac store is an AASP-I'd guess the entire chain is.

    GSX is the online parts ordering system, and it's only accessible to places like Apple stores, AASPs, and companies/organizations that have on-site service facilities.
  5. Thanks, Ben. We have a Simply Mac nearby and I phoned them about a larger hard drive. They said "No way." Bummer.

    If you're interested, this thread on MacRumor has some information on using regular SSDs with an adapter. I may go that route.

    Upgrading 2013/2014 Macbook Pro SSD to M.2 NVMe


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