LARGE surface liquid emulsion

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by caleb_williams, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. i'm about to try liquid light on a huge (16' x 6') canvas and am
    curious, and quite frankly concerned, about the implacations in
    using such a large surface. does anyone have any recomendations or
    suggestions in getting the best results in exposing or preparing
    large surfaces. i'm afraid of getting correct coating of the liquid
    emultion on the entire canvass, and am concerned in the developing
    of the image. PLEASE help me. thanks
  2. I'd say you have your work cut out for you as your problems will be daunting and several. First off, you'll have to prepare several test strips from the same materials to get the proper exposure and processing down. Then you'll need a "ton" of liquid emulsion and a means of applying it evenly under very dim safe lights. Following that, it must be processed, perhaps stopped, fixed, and washed. What enlarger will you be using, what light source, and what size neg?
  3. A slide projector would be the obvious enlarger. I would definitely suggest working your way up!
  4. The thing I'm curious about is where you'd get such a large canvas and what wall you'd hang it. As for applying the could build a lip around the edge of the canvas and drag a 6' plastic pipe across the length to push the emulsion from one side to the other. Kinda like silk screening. Exposing could be done by using negative reversal enlarging/printing to make several large negatives and cutting them to seamlessly create a macro negative. Then the exposure would just be contact printing. As for developing....again use a lip around the edge. Or find a friend with a swimming pool, and offer him to clean the bottom if he would drain the pool for you, wink wink. Talk about drain out time between developer and stop. It'd all be quite the task, but its better than trying to apply the picture directly to a wall. Bene fortuna

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