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  1. I am going to be buying a large format printer something that will print up to
    16x20 size prints. I was just on H.P's website and they have one for $699.00
    that prints up to 13x19 which was photo quality.
    I am going to be scanning my 35mm color and black and white negs and also color
    slides, cleaning them up in photo shop then printing them out.
    Does anyone know or have experience in a printer that can print up to 16x20 in
    quality color and or black and white for under 1,000 or close to that?
    I know some have at least 3 seperate ink jets for black and white which is great
    for black and white prints.
    Thanks for your reply, comments and opinions.
  2. Google "epsom" printers, too.
  3. You would probably be looking at the Epson 3800 or Canon iFP 5000
    Calumet has them both around $1300. Both do17X22
  4. Epson 3800 prints to 17x22, and is roughly $1700 us
  5. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator Staff Member

    The last answer is incorrect regarding price. The 3800 can be purchased for $1200 - 1300.
  6. Typo, i meant $1200
  7. Epson R3800, no question, is worth the money and produces superb results.

  8. Actually the 3800 will print up to 17x34".

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