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  1. Maybe you can always sell it. Maybe not! As film supply shrinks for 810 you have a limiting market!
  2. I've been threatening to buy an 8x10 outfit for as long as I've been interested in LF. In fact, I originally started shopping for 8x10(with the "go big or go home" mindset) but came around to realizing 4x5 was a lot more practical.

    I "indulged" in a really nice 75mm Nikkor-SW from KEH not too long ago, and I was amazed at how inexpensive it was.
  3. Analog(ue)???
    Perhaps thou speakest of FILM.
  4. Having done the 4x5 then into 8x10 & now "age related" down sizing, I put the 4x5 camera up as the starter. Money aside, one has all the techniques of the view camera at hand. Not mentioned in the above, todays scanners all but eliminate the need for a wet darkroom for the printing job. If one of your films "jumps" out & grabs you, send it out to be drummed scanned & printed. Investment in some superior (& expensive) digital printers & carbon ink sets will give you the willies when you see a "good" print. I have owned several Adams & a Weston and this "new" carbon printing is getting right up their with some silver prints they made.
    Master the 4x5 then enroll in a physical fitness routine, there is no such thing as a "lite" 8x10 ! Aloha from the Mainland, Bill
  5. The 8x10 print is a 4x enlargement from 4x5.
  6. Depends on how you are measuring. Enlarging 5” to 10” is 2x.
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  7. Always measured enlargements by area, not linear measurements. Been in it for over 50 years, and I've always used area.
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    So do I... we should start a poll LOL.
  9. However enlarging lens manufacturers do it linearly in their specifications!
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    Area. If it takes 20 one foot square tiles to tile a 4x5 foot room, How many tiles would it take to tile a room that is twice as large?

    Hint: an 8x10 foot room that is twice as large as a 4x5 foot room would take 80 tiles not 40 tiles..

    Area varies as the square of the linear measure. Double the size of the print and the enlargement has to be spread over 4 times the area.
  11. You can use whatever measurement you are comfortable with, Lens manufacturers use linear measurement for enlarging. They aren’t building houses. But they might me measuring them photogrammetricaly, even then they used linear for magnification.
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    Good Point !


    If you can't sell it as a camera you can sell it to an interior designer as a curiosity piece
    or to a "repurposed", I've seen quite a few 8x10 cameras converted to lamps.

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