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  1. Hi,

    I'm new to view camera and have recently checking a cheap model to start out. Can somebody please advise me if the below
    specifications are good?

    Brand: Hasemi 4x5 inch camera
    Materials Cherrywood, Chrome
    Format 4x5 inch
    Front Rise / Fall 40mm / 20mm
    Front Tilt 30 degrees
    Front Swing 30 degrees - either way
    Back Swing 30 degrees - either way
    Bellows extension 65mm - 350mm
    Back Tilt  30 degrees
    Size / Weight 175mm x 175mm x 70mm / 1600g !!
    Lensboard (Linhof master Technica Type) 97mm x 99mm
  2. Seems like a decent camera to start out with. It has all the movements and a reasonable amount of bellows extension. What type of photography do you plan to do with it? A little over 3.5 pounds (1600g) is not at all bad for a view camera by the way (I assume the double exclaimation points are yours...) Mine weighs in at 4.5 pounds with the lens and I have no trouble packing it on long hikes.

    Don't forget that you will need a lens or two, some film holders, a dark cloth, and a cable release. Large format can be very rewarding and 4x5 is a good place to start - there are a lot of films to choose from in that size, the cameras are not heavy (compared to 8x10), and lenses are plentiful an reasonably inexpensive unless you have champagne tastes. Have fun with it!

    - Randy
  3. Hi,
    This is a quite late reply. How are you doing with Hasemi?
    I have Hasemi 4x5 wooden field camera and I like it. Only drawback is the bellows extension, which is limited only to 350mm. Thus longer lenses cannot be used.
    Small, lightweight and beautiful!

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