Landscapes and Politics...Introducing Myself

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by mhowardphoto, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Following Josh's lead, I would like to introduce myself to all you members out there!
    My photo pursuits mainly revolve around my love of the outdoors and old things, hence my portfolio is mostly landscapes and old, sometimes ancient architecture. You can see many of my photos here:
    I love to hike, and always try to find new places when I travel in my work, which is in the automotive industry. I still work 90% in film, but am beginning to find myself slowly transitioning to digital for color and travel stuff. I still don't see it replacing my love of slide projected on big screen, though.
    Some of you new members may wonder why I don't have more pictures here on Pnet. They will be moving over eventually, now that the resizing thing is up and the imagepro site is working. I've never been much in to the whole critique thing. Each to his own I guess.
    One thing I HAVE been into here is the wonderful and varied political discussions on the always lively off-topic forum. I consider myself a conservative fiscally and a libertarian socially, and am definitely in the minority here. That's ok though. I love to argue and needle, there are some favorite targets here, as you will see if you sift down the posts. It's all in good fun though, I would still have a beer with any of ya! Or a bourbon, or a scotch...there are seemingly some wanna-be alcoholics on this site.
    If your new here, welcome! If you old like me, I love y'all. I raise a glass to you.

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