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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by tom_cuccio, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone, I just created my first website with the intent to sell some photos. (only time will tell)
    Welcome to any feedback.
  2. These nice photos load very slowly. Did you optimize them for the web? I just tested one of them and it as over 1MB. You might add a bit more compression, and resize to just the needed size.
  3. Hi Tom,
    First, let me say that your photos are very nice. That said, the watermark you placed on them is really, really distracting and in my opinion detracts significantly from the site and art. It's especially strange to me in that they link to images that are roughly the same size on screen and have no watermark (on the site you can buy them from). If someone was really intent on getting one of them I'd imagine they could simply screen cap them from there without the watermark. I'd consider removing the large watermark and replacing it with something smaller is you really feel it's necessary.
    The second thing I'd suggest is to go ahead and take a few minutes to build out your "About Me" page. The "Under Construction" thing is really outdated and I can't imagine you can't take 10 minutes and write an explanation of what motivates you and why you shoot.
    Best of luck,
  4. What the above have said and just wondering what is your profit if you dont mind me asking. I was messing around and made very nice 13x20 image size with a nice frame and it was under 200.00. I just had roughly the same size 12x18 printed and framed for 160.00. In the future I would like to have my site up and running so if you could also tell me who you went with and how the process went? Thanks and good luck bud.
  5. Superb imagery, and the website itself looks really nice....but if you aren't going to let anyone actually see them through that painted signature you have smeared all over em, why put em on display ? It looks like you live in more "fear"of someone stealing three bucks off you than living in "excitement" about showing off your skills and picking up a two or three thousand dollar assignment from it.
    It's hard to really comment on someone else's website because it's only one small element in an overall business plan, only one "tool". IE it has to link through and be part of "why have a site?", "how do you get people to it ?", "what do you want people to do when they get there?"...all part of "how does it help me make a profit as a photographer?"

    I maintain one I developed through the image-pro link of, and frankly, based on what one would anticipate from a specifically photo organization, trying to develop a decent looking site through it is a ridiculous task. I started out with one objective and had to keep "downsizing" my expectations out of image-pro, then downsizing them again, and again....until now what I have is just a minimally-decent looking site which shows people my style and introduces me "as a person" to them. IE two thirds of the supposed "features" of Image pro make your site un-viewable by anyone using Apple hardware ie iphone ipad etc, so I've had to cut it back to a really really basic and awkward-for-client-use show of a few samples. (my site is at
    This is 'workable' however, only because I'm not expecting the site itself to generate any income. I have it on my business cards, I hand em out, people get to go have a look at my "style"....and my "approach" to photography...there is nothing on the site for them to "buy" except the "me"....the "here is who I am, this is what I do, this is my approach with a camera..." From there, once they have seen those samples and approach, I want them to "remember me and think of me and MENTION me to others" The site doesn't sell is advertising "me". Remember this.....people aren't hiring a camera, they can go buy a really good camera nowadays for under a grand........the only reason to hire "you", is to hire the "YOU" in you. My site lays it right up front for em before they even click to see any images..for 600 bucks a day, you get ME ! and here is who I am......( 600 a day is my base rate incidentally, there's a 50 km radius then mileage is added on, and 'plus-expenses', ir specific quote if i need to rent more equipment etc )

    Right now, your site shows a great eye for photography, good skills, all hidden behind huge smears of living in fear of having an image swiped, and it shows nothing of the YOU.....of the "here I am, a real nutso, kinky, free-spirited-free-living dude with a, hey folks, wouldn't it be super to hire ME, or to own a photograph "by ME".....?"
    This is a fun business....there are millions of people out there who now think just because they own a rebel they're great photographers...... well, we know it, they aren't.......they need to hire guys like tell em who ya are !
    Yur good with a camera, good at design, so go have fun....and go make MONEY.
  6. Hi Everyone! Thank you very much for you're valuable input. I have made some quick changes and excited to keep improving my site over the next few weeks.
  7. Tom, there are two typos:
    Always looking for the next exposrure with camera and tripod ready to go.
    Living in Aspen Colorado has givin the perfect back drop to make every day a new exciting opportunity to capture that next shot.​
  8. Nice work!

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