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Discussion in 'Landscape' started by G-P, Oct 21, 2016.

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  2. Seems that we should have some landscape photography here, so I will supply one.
    This is from a Canon VI with TMax 100 and, I believe, a red filter.
  3. OK, I will toss one into the "Launch" posting. Along the Columbia River, taken from the rest stop at Azwell Dam, about 5 miles south of Paterous, Wa. Ercona II (6x9cm), 400 Delta film, G filter. 510-Pyro developer & V600 scan. Bill
  4. Let me try again.
  5. It worked!
  6. My submission the Bronx River.
  7. Near Saddington, Leicestershire, Nikon D1X, 20mm lens with infrared filter.
  8. The Bartel Grasslands at Sunset
  9. There are landscapes of nature and those made or altered by man. Land can be untouched mountains or valleys, forests or lightly worked land that is used for farming or other land based human activity, city parks, and even cityscapes. In other words, land is everywhere except perhaps for the oceans or very large bodies of water.
    Man landscapes are often just as intriguing as entirely natural or mainly natural ones. Unless a definition is constructed otherwise, landscape postings here (written or visual) will mean for me cityscapes, natural landscapes altered or used by man, and landscapes entirely natural. How do you see landscapes? Why do you photograph them?
  10. Here's one of mine to inaugurate the new forum.
  11. And another one, from Arches National Park, again, for good measure:

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