Landscape lenses for 4x5

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by skip_mcdonald|1, Oct 24, 1997.

  1. I would like some recommendations on lenses for stricltly landscape and natural history work (no studio stuff). Does the higher priced glass (Schnieder Super Angulon, etc) really make a difference in outdoor work? Can one lense be
    noticeably better in say a 16x20 cibachrome print? Any help on this would be appreciated,
    as well as the risk factor in picking up used glass.
  2. look at the article of john sparks
    "lenses for 4x5 field work". The risk factor with
    used glass looks mimimal to me (all my lenses are
    used). for color work, it is often recommended
    to stay with modern (ie current production) lenses
    for optimal results.

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